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Made entirely from natural materials, ceramic rainscreen cladding can be designed to deliver a contemporary finish or something more traditional, reproducing the natural beauty and appearance of hewn stone such as granite or marble. Ceramic cladding achieves different facade finishes through the use of visible and hidden fixings as part of the structural design.

➤ With Aliva’s system, every ceramic cladding panel offers complete tonal integrity and design consistency, with through-body colour, pattern and graining, ensuring that its aesthetics do not change over time. The material is light, UV radiation resistant and completely impermeable.

➤ Ceramic cladding does not absorb airborne contamination or dust, nor does it support algae growth. It is exceptionally durable and strong and free from the flaws that can weaken quarried stone in its original state.

➤ Aliva’s ceramic cladding offers a range of rainscreen cladding solutions, including lightweight options that are equally suitable for new build and refurbishment projects.

➤ It is available in a variety of sizes up to 1000mm x 3600mm and engineered slabs 1500mm x 3400mm.

➤ Its relative light weight compares very favourably with naturally quarried stone, significantly reducing loadings on the substructure and building exterior.

➤ Other benefits include easier on-site handling and installing, resulting in a faster, cost-effective operation.

➤ Hydrotech technology represents a new generation of ceramic cladding. The ceramic tiles are coated with the natural chemical titanium dioxide, which gives them self-cleansing and air-cleansing properties and can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. The tiles self-clean through the natural reaction of the coating with UV radiation.


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