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Modern composting toilets, also known as "dry" or "waterless" toilets, are hygienic, odourless and convenient. A composting toilet is very much an eco-friendly choice and offers a fantastic toilet solution for the glamping industry. The toilet is essentially the collection unit for the raw ingredients that will be completely broken down in time and made safe by the whole composting process. The other essential part being a compost unit. Keeping the collection and composting separate means that the compost toilet is an eco-friendly simple solution - and for many of our customers eco-friendly and simple is good!

If you and your own customers require a truly off-grid solution, where there is no mains water or sewage on site, then a composting/ waterless toilet will allow you to present environmental credentials of the highest order.

Mind you, the composting toilet is just one part of the overall process: you'll also benefit from a composting bin (the ideal environment for an effective composting process), and bedding material. Click here for comprehensive details about how they work.

Glampsan supply a range of composting toilets. Here’s a quick summary of our product range:

The Eco 220 Composting Toile is hygienic and environmentally friendly. Effective thermal insulation and the channel supplying air to the centre of the compost mass help to ensure a quick composting process. No water or power supply needed. The Eco 220 Composting Toilet is also suited for composting kitchen bio-waste. Emptying is easy through the hatch at the lower part of the unit. You can use the compost as cover soil or for fertilising decorative plants in your garden.

Eco 220 Toilet

The Populett 200 Composting Toilet is a large-capacity toilet for public places and events. Installation is through the wall so the front section and the cover of the unit serve as the toilet seat. No water or power supply is needed. The Populett 200 Composting Toilet can be operated as a unit separating the seep liquid or the urine from the solid waste. Thanks to the installation method and the design of the unit it is easy to transport and it can also be emptied with a waste collection vehicle. A replacement tank, supplied as an accessory, provides the unit with extra capacity. We love this product and we think it will be very popular with all our customers.


The Separett Villa 9000 range is a urine separating toilet that, with its simplicity and unlimited capacity, offers a carefree and simple solution for any type of cottage, house or glamping set up. The Villa can be placed in both warm and cold spaces and handles sporadic use just as well as continuous use. It is therefore suitable for all types of glamping situations.

The Separett Villa 9000


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