Cupa Pizarras

Cupa Pizarras

CUPA PIZARRAS is the world leader in natural slate. Their 16 quarries and 22 processing plants enable them to offer the widest range of products with the highest quality.

CUPA PIZARRAS' slates are timeless and adapt easily to any project, conferring an unmistakable personality once in place. That is the reason why their natural slate has been chosen to renovate the world’s most important monuments such as the Central Railway Station in Japan, the Metrópolis Building in Spain or the Tobermory Church in UK. CUPA PIZARRAS' slate allows restorers to maintain the original appearance and personality of each country’s historic heritage.

Trade names

Campo 98, Cupa 10, Cupa 12, Cupa 14, Cupa 17, Cupa 25, Cupa 4, Cupa 5, Cupa 6, Cupa Heavy 3, CUPACLAD, THERMOSLATE


  • ISO 14001
  • CE EN 12326
  • BS 680 Part 2

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