Design a Great First Impression!

Design a Great First Impression!

The Milliken Obex range of entrance matting offers excellent moisture and dirt retention properties with the added ability to be able to create unique designs from a standard product.

Comprising of individual tiles that lock together, the range features two styles of tile with eight different textile colours, which together can be used to create limitless design options. To make the most of its design capabilities and visualise the results that can be achieved, Syncros Entrance Matting Systems has launched a unique, “Design Your Own” functionality on their new website, This allows users to create a virtual matting installation, changing colours and designs an infinite number of times until the perfect design is constructed. One shopping centre that has used the unique design capabilities of the Milliken range to great effect is Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall in Sheffield.

Mark Jackson, Deputy Facilities Manager at Crystal Peaks, explains “Crystal Peaks undertook a rolling programme with Syncros to replace our old Milliken Obex Forma matting. It says a lot that the product lasted for seven years in a busy retail environment such as ours, and it also says a great deal that when we came to look at replacing the matting, that we did so with a variant of the same product. For the new installations, we opted to use the closed construction variant and used a border of the complementary Obex Prior tiles on each installation, which not only added an element of design, but also proved to be very cost effective option.”

The size of an entrance matting installation has a direct impact on how much moisture makes it onto your malls floors, making the old adage of “size matters” true. Unfortunately many centres simply do not have enough entrance matting in place, the root cause of which often lies with the architect as they specify the size of the matwell installation.

The simplest and most cost effective solution is to extend the matting using a surface mounted, permanent or semi-permanent solution, making them effective for both costs and results. Syncros offer a choice of products ideal for surface mounting including Milliken Obex Forma and its complementary sister product, Milliken Obex Atrium.

Obex Atrium is available in the same colour options as Obex Forma, making it an ideal, complementary solution, and allows large areas to be covered on either a semi-permanent or permanent basis. In the case of the latter it’s glued to the floor and edged with screwed down aluminium trim. The semi-permanent option also allows large areas to be covered but without being fixed in place, and because of the sizes involved they won’t move around like smaller loose lay mats can, but can still be taken up to allow access to the floor beneath. These installations are edged with rubber and as they’re manufactured on a bespoke basis, can also incorporate a shaped semi-circular edge if required.

Syncros Entrance Matting Systems are experts in the supply and installation of entrance barrier matting, and have been supplying shopping centres and retail sites since 1995. The comprehensive service includes site surveys, consultation and advice on the right matting solution for the site, as well as expert installation and advice on maintenance. With a combination of knowledge, skill, value for money and attention to detail, Syncros ensures your matting requirements are delivered on time and within budget!

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