Drainage Channels for Multi-Storey Car Parks

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The MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel is a cutting-edge solution specifically designed for multi-storey car park construction or renovation projects.

This innovative drainage channel offers superior performance, durability, and efficiency in effectively managing surface water drainage in car park environments.

Key features and benefits of MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel:

1. Load-bearing Capacity: MEARIN PG EVO is engineered to withstand heavy loads commonly found in multi-storey car parks. It offers exceptional load-bearing capacity, ensuring the channels can endure the weight of vehicles and the stress of continuous traffic.

2.GRP Material: The drainage channel is made from high-quality GRP, which provides excellent strength, durability, and resistance to various elements. GRP ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding car park environments.

3. Channel Design: The MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel features a sleek and modern design that integrates seamlessly into the car park infrastructure. It offers a neat and unobtrusive appearance while efficiently capturing and directing surface water runoff.

4. Efficient Water Drainage: The channel's profile is designed to facilitate the rapid and efficient flow of water, preventing water buildup and potential hazards, such as slip and fall accidents. This efficient drainage system ensures the safety and functionality of the car park area.

5. Chemical and Corrosion Resistance: MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel is highly resistant to chemicals, oils, fuels, and other contaminants typically found in car parks. This resistance minimizes the risk of corrosion or degradation, maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of the channel.

6. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel is designed for easy installation, allowing for a streamlined construction or renovation process. Additionally, its user-friendly design simplifies maintenance, reducing downtime and associated costs.

7. Customizable Options: The MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel offers customization options to meet specific project requirements. The MEARIN PG EVO can be ordered in the color of your choice for projects over 1000 meters.

8. Compliance with Regulations: The MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel complies with relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety and performance requirements for multi-storey car parks.

In summary, MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel is a solution designed to meet the unique drainage needs of multi-storey car parks. Its durable GRP construction, efficient water flow management, and resistance to heavy loads and chemicals make it an ideal choice for construction or renovation projects in car park environments.

With its sleek design and customizable options, the MEARIN PG EVO Drainage Channel seamlessly integrates into the car park infrastructure, ensuring safety, functionality, and long-term performance.


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