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MEARIN GRP Drainage Channels and MEADRAIN Drainage Channels made of polymer concrete are innovative and high-quality solutions designed to effectively manage surface water drainage in various applications. These channels are specifically engineered to offer exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to a wide range of load classes, from A15 to F900.

MEARIN GRP drainage Channels:

MEARIN Drainage Channels are constructed using a combination of composites and fiberglass. These channels offer excellent structural integrity, high load-bearing capacity and resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, and temperature variations.

The MEARIN PLUS drainage channels with loading class up to D 400 are suitable for areas with pedestrian and light vehicle traffic, making them ideal for residential areas, parks, roads, pedestrian zones, parking places, urban areas and similar applications. The MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels with loading class up to E 600 can also be used in areas with heavy traffic or logistics areas. Both MEARIN PLUS and EXPERT offer reliable water flow management, preventing flooding or water buildup, and ensuring the safety and functionality of the surrounding environment.

MEADRAIN Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels:

MEADRAIN Drainage Channels are engineered with a robust polymer concrete composition, ensuring superior strength, durability, and resistance to heavy loads. These channels are designed to withstand high traffic areas, such as highways, airports, industrial sites, and commercial zones, where heavy vehicles and machinery are present.

The polymer concrete used in MEADRAIN channels exhibits exceptional resistance to mechanical stress, chemical corrosion, and temperature fluctuations. This enables them to maintain their structural integrity and hydraulic efficiency even under demanding conditions. MEADRAIN channels provide effective surface water drainage, preventing the accumulation of water and minimizing the risk of accidents or damage caused by water-related issues.

The MEADRAIN drainage channel product range is composed of 5 major product families:

MEADRAIN S: the perfect allrounder made of polymer concrete with loading class up to E 600. The MEADRAIN S come with 3 edges types: galvanized steel (MEADRAIN SV), stainless steel (MEADRAIN SE), ductile iron (MEADRAIN SG). All MEADRAIN S channels with nominal width 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm are designed for usage in urban areas, roads, parking spaces, parks and pedestrian areas.

MEADRAIN DM: our monolithic drainage channels made of polymer concrete for road and highway construction with loading class up to F 900 in with nominal width 100, 150 and 200 mm. The MEADRAIN DM range has been expanded with the MEADRAIN DM CITY designed for the urban road, pedestrian areas and parking places construction (Loading class D 400).

MEAKERB: the 2 in 1 Kerb and drainage system in one solution is ideal for the construction of round abouts, Bus stations or roads in urban areas. The MEAKERB BRIDGE is complementing the area of usage for our Kerb channels as they are adapted to the construction and renovation of bridges.

MEADRAIN EN/ENS: our high loading class drainage channels for industrial areas, ports, airports and heavy-duty traffic made of polymer concrete with loading class up to F 900

MEADRAIN PG: our special drainage channel made of polymer concrete for the drainage of parking areas or multi-storey car parks.

Both MEARIN GRP and MEADRAIN polymer concrete drainage channels offer several key benefits:

1. Load Class Versatility: These channels are available in various load classes, ranging from A15 to F900, accommodating a wide range of applications and traffic requirements.

2. Strength and Durability: The polymer concrete or GRP composition ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments with heavy loads and harsh conditions.

3. Chemical and Corrosion Resistance: The channels' polymer concrete or GRP construction provides excellent resistance to chemical substances, including oils, fuels, and other contaminants, preserving their integrity and functionality over time.

4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The design of these channels allows for straightforward installation and maintenance processes, reducing both time and costs.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: MEARIN GRP and MEADRAIN channels are available in various designs, allowing for integration into the surrounding landscape or architectural elements, providing both functionality and visual appeal.


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