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The Cibes EcoSilent lift is a revolutionary solution for your home. This A5000 Platform lift uses sustainable smart technology which makes it virtually soundless for everyday life.

A lift equipped with the EcoSilent drive system runs with 45% less energy than a lift without. A great investment for your home and for the planet.

The EcoSilent drive system acts like a built-in eco setting. It makes your home lift run in eco mode all the time.
• Carries Energy Label A
• Energy consumption of 215 kWh/year*
• Less than a modern washing machine
*Yearly energy consumption based on a 2 stop lift with 3.6 m travel, equipped with EcoSilent and a frequency of use of 20 travels/day.

The EcoSilent drive-system makes your home lift blend in with the sounds of everyday life.
• Running the tap: 85 dB
• Washing machine: 65 dB
• Dishwasher: 55 dB
• Lift with the EcoSilent system: 40 dB*
*Decibels measured 2 m from the lift, with a 150 kg load, at constant speed.

Cibes home lifts are space-efficient and easy to integrate. The EcoSilent system makes the lifts even easier to enjoy.
• Quiet operation
• Smooth travel
• Energy-efficient drive


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Cibes Lift UK

Cibes Lift UK

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