Entrance canopies for a warm welcome

Entrance canopies for a warm welcome

A personal environment, whether it be at home, work or the places you regularly visit, can influence your mood and impact your wellbeing.

Green and blue natural environments are playing an increasingly important role in planning and development.

The physical spaces you make use of, and how you interact with the built environment, also have a part to play in influencing health and wellbeing.

When it comes to making a space more welcoming, an entrance canopy is among the outdoor improvements which can leave a lasting impact.

Standing out against the landscape
For many businesses and organisations, being able to stand out in a row of similar buildings is important.

An entrance canopy, such as the contemporary Stockton Entrance Canopy, attracts attention to an address, particularly in a commercial environment.

Being able to draw in potential customers can be the first step to gaining a competitive edge.

In busy locations, having an entrance canopy can also be a useful guide and landmark for directing first time visitors.

Offering protection and care
Creating a warm welcome extends beyond the front door when an entrance canopy is installed.

As well as practical protection against the elements, an entrance canopy, such as the Queen Mary Entrance Canopy, can instil confidence in a venue such as in a healthcare setting.

Patients, staff and visitors to these locations often need to see physical signs that they are in a safe environment and will be looked after. A high-quality entrance can help to put concerns to rest.

First impressions count in other venues too, such as hospitality, reassuring guests they are visiting an establishment which takes service standards seriously.

Schools and large complexes like hospitals can also benefit from a large entrance canopy, which can act as a focal point so visitors can easily find their way to reception and information stands.

And areas of high footfall, where large numbers of people flow through an entrance each day, can find an entrance canopy offers sheltered outdoor space which eases pressure on the likes of railway stations and transport interchanges at peak times.

An entrance canopy, like the Newcastle Duopitch, can also incorporate pick up and drop off points or offer access to the outdoors for those who find it difficult to walk great distances, such as outside residential developments and care homes.

They are also vital for secure entrance points, where visitors may be waiting outdoors for access clearance, or entertainment venues like theatres where ticket holders gather before a performance.

Brand recognition
At Broxap they offer a wide range of standard and bespoke canopies which include designs suited to entrance points.

An entrance canopy, like the Chester Entrance Canopy, can be incorporated into a brand’s corporate identity, so wherever visitors are in the country they can easily spot their favourite chain of coffee shop or restaurant.

They design entrance canopies to reflect the heritage of buildings or their surroundings, helping to restore cultural links and celebrate local history such as the Merchant Entrance Canopy.
The right entrance canopy can also be part of a design concept, forming a centrepiece to flagship locations and buildings of importance.

It can be the link between a building and a communal outdoor space such as plaza, with a wide range of styles and materials available to complement the surrounding environment such as fabric entrance canopies, glazed canopies and timber entrance canopies.

Their experienced sales team can guide clients to choosing the perfect entrance canopy to suit individual developments. Get in touch today to discuss how they can help to create a sheltered entrance area.

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