Expanding waterstop with XP technology for concrete construction joints

Expanding waterstop with XP technology for concrete construction joints

WATERSTOP® XP is the next generation of waterstop that expands upon contact with water to form a positive seal to stop water ingress through cast-in-place concrete construction joints and around pipe penetrations.

Through the use of the patented XP technology, WATERSTOP® XP is proven effective in a wide range of contamination environments, including high-saline conditions. Its flexible design also makes it effective for both horizontal and vertical joints.

WATERSTOP® XP is manufactured in lightweight, flexible coils and designed to replace passive PVC/rubber dumbbell waterstops – eliminating the requirement of special pieces, split-forming and seam welding.

• Vertical and Horizontal
• Nonmoving Concrete
• Construction Joints
• New to Existing Construction
• Irregular Surfaces
• Around Through-wall
• Penetrations, e.g. Plumbing
• Utility Pipes
• Around Piles, H-Pile Supports

Exceptional Waterproofing Performance:

Protection from Water Ingress:
• Can expand several times its volume to fill voids.
• Roll ends naturally join together to form one continuous
• Effective seals pipe penetrations that PVC waterstops
cannot efficiently seal.
• Proven effective in structures under continuous or intermittent
hydrostatic pressure.

Protection from Contaminants:
• XP technology resists a wide-range of contaminants,
including high-saline conditions and organic solvents.

Installation Benefits and Features:

Fast and Easy:
• Manufactured in lightweight, flexible coils.
• Can be easily installed by a single worker.
• Requires no special pieces, seam welding or split forming.
• Can be adhered in place using CETSEAL® or mechanically
secured with REVO-FIX® and fasteners.
• Pliability allows installation around through-wall/slab and pipe
• Easily transitions from horizontal to vertical applications
to form a continuous waterstop.

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