Fagerhult's Multilume Flat LED luminaire

Fagerhult's Multilume Flat LED luminaire

Multilume Flat is amongst the first LED luminaires to be more efficient than its T5 equivalent; producing more than 80 lumens per watt while still retaining optimal lighting ergonomics.

The LED evolution of the Multilume range offers a recessed mounted solution for general office lighting.

Encompassing a range of innovative features, Multilume Flat was developed to make the planning and installation processes easier, in a construction industry where margins are becoming ever tighter.

Advancing from a downlight application, Multilume Flat transforms LED’s into a viable solution for full general lighting with the capacity to replace its T5 incumbents.

A generous number of closely positioned diodes work in unison to provide a light which can be shaped by the choice of louvre. The micro-prismatic Delta closely controls the intensity of the light, achieving the requirements for 3000 cd/m². The Opal alternative provides a crisp light and a somewhat whiter surface. To further enhance its efficiency the luminaire can be optimised for lighting control, reacting to both incidental daylight and human presence.

As part of a holistic approach, Multilume Flat has been designed to address the tight time requirements and restricted ceiling heights in many construction projects. The luminaire is only 50 mm high and has a flexible ballast box attached by Velcro which can be detached and positioned next to the luminaire. The frame consists of an aesthetic but sturdy aluminium profile which contributes towards the clean line aesthetic prevalent in contemporary architecture.

Multilume flat is available in three different module designs; two square and one rectangular.

As with all Fagerhult’s LED luminaires, Multilume Flat is updated each year with the latest generation LEDs, ensuring our customers always have access to the most up-to-date technology.

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