Flap Valves, Penstocks & Flow Control Devices


Althon offer a range of flow control devices including flap valves, penstocks, stops logs, inline check valves, WaStop’s, duckbill valves and handstop gates.

Flap Valves

Althon flap valves are designed to open with the flow of water out of a pipe, prevent flooding and stop water back flowing up pipework. We manufacture our flap valves in HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel. As standard our HDPE flap valves have a 50 year design life but can be manufactured to suit site specific requirements.

Our large range of flap valves include:
• Circular Flap Valves
• Tidal Flap Valves
• Flange Mounted Flap Valves
• HDPE Flap Valves
• Ductile Iron Flap Valves
• Push Fit Flap Valves
• Pipe Mounted Flap Valves
• Fish Friendly Flap Valves
• Bespoke Flap Valves


Althon penstocks are designed to control and isolate water and can be supplied in HDPE or stainless steel. Our penstocks can be fitted to a flat surface or inline with an existing pipe run. As standard our HDPE and stainless steel penstocks have a 50 year design life.

Orifice Plates

Althon orifice plates are designed to restrict and regulate the flow of water. We manufacture flat and curved orifice plates that can be directly fitted to a flat surface or onto the wall of a manhole chamber. The orifice plates come in galvanised, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 306.


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Althon specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of drainage products for the management, treatment, isolation and control of water. Their range of products includes Althon precast concrete headwalls, HDPE, cast iron and stainless steel...
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