Floor Levelling & Self-Levelling Screed

Floor Levelling & Self-Levelling Screed

John Lord manufacture and install self-levelling floor screed that ensures a smooth, even surface throughout. The liquid screed self-levels to produce a seamless resin floor while still incorporating the core attributes of durability, hygiene and resistance to the elements.

The John Lord range of self-levelling resin floor screeds include:
• EPIGARD Anti-static SL

Floor Levelling

Meticulous attention to detail ensures John Lord achieve a seamless, level finish during every resin floor installation. In the case of a new build, John Lord make use of robotic equipment which takes numerous measurements of the concrete base, highlighting any areas which require further attention in order to create an even base.

In contrast, in the case of an existing floor, lasers are used to take measurements of the floor as well straight edge tools. This process often reveals slight variations in levels which can be potentially problematic and even hazardous if not rectified.

If John Lord discover any uneven areas, these are marked out before a resin infill is installed creating a level surface to within +/- 1mm over a five linear metre area.

Industry Requirement

Although a floor should always be level, there are some industries and situations which demand an accurately level floor on grounds of safety and efficiency. Warehouses require level surfaces especially when high level racking is used which can become unstable if the surface beneath is not even.

Furthermore, Warehouses which are subjected to high traffic from fork lift trucks are an example in which a completely level surface can minimise accidents by ensuring a secure platform to lift a load at height from a forklift. This, coupled with the ability for a resin compound to withstand the traffic associated with fork lift trucks, creates a comprehensive package.

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