Further information on this Sustainability page...

Further information on this Sustainability page...

Measurement and management

The most important principle behind CEMEX’s approach to sustainability is measurement and management. Only through measurement can the impact be analysed and managed effectively. CEMEX has developed a sustainability wheel to illustrate the company’s seven key principles for reducing emissions, improving efficiency of production and logistics, developing innovative new products and services, engaging employees, increasing transparent dialogue with stakeholders, measuring and controlling impacts and contributing to sustainable communities.

Improving efficiency of production and logistics

Reducing fuel usage, increasing the use of rail and sea transport and reducing road congestion are key measurements to improve efficiency of production and logistics, with the additional effect of reducing CO2 emissions.

Drivers have been trained through the initiative ‘Be Carefuel’, which has resulted in an average fuel saving of 10%. CEMEX has also introduced the first major freight transport on the River Severn in over 30 years. For the next 10 years, a total of nearly 3 million tonnes of aggregates will be carried by barge on the river, saving fuel and 340,000 lorry journeys. Aggregates are also barged on the River Thames from Northfleet to Battersea, reducing road transportation in London.

By introducing an ISO-Tank bulk rail solution, the company has further reduced road use on major projects. Investing in a sophisticated plant silo inventory management tool (Smart Silo) has facilitated more effective route planning, thereby minimising part-loads, split-loads, delays and vehicles running empty.

24/7 Load, CEMEX’s out-of-hours delivery service, has helped ease pressure on congested daytime roads.

Developing new products and services

CEMEX is constantly working on the development of new products and services to reduce the use of natural resources and increase the re-use of of by-products from other industries.

CEMEX Cem II and Cem III cements use a blend of traditional Portland cement and by-products from other industries, thereby reducing the carbon footprint by up to a half. The CO2 associated with the production of a tonne of CEM III cement is 45% less than in a tonne of traditional cement due to the reduced clinker factor and use of by-products. In the same way CEM II reduces the associated CO2 by approximately 25%.

CEMEX offers a range of concretes made from blended cements, making it a more sustainable, stronger, and easier to work with alternative. Blended Cement Concrete is a lower carbon building material, with up to 40% less embodied carbon. Its Ecopoint score and Green Guide rating is also better than standard concrete, allowing customers to meet increasingly tough sustainability requirements and win new business.

CEMEX has also developed Readyflow™ an interlocking concrete block permeable paver, which allows surface water to pass through the voids in the block design into a sub grade or drainage system, where it can be effectively managed. Use of ReadyFlow™ with SUDS allows a specified amount of water to be retained and then discharged in a controlled manner leading to reduced rainfall into sewers, cleaner rivers, less pollution, improved ground water levels and water and air to the plant and tree roots.

Reducing emissions

While CEMEX’s emissions are now significantly below regulation targets, the company is striving for further improvements through the use of solid recovered fuels. These offer considerable benefits, by reducing emissions, saving fossil fuels for future generation and recovering energy from waste and so reducing the need for landfill. Climafuel® is derived from household residual and commercial waste and replaces high proportions of fossil fuel usage in CEMEX’s cement plants in South Ferriby in North Lincolnshire and Rugby in Warwickshire.

Managing and controlling impact

During 2007 and 2008, CEMEX extended its ISO 14001 accreditation. This is an international standard, which ensures compliance with environmental legislation, prevents pollution and drives continual improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system. State-of the art control systems and targeted research and development help CEMEX minimise its impact.


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ISO 9001; ISO 14001

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