High Performance Fan Coil Units


High performance Fan Coil Units (FCUs) for energy efficient air conditioning

Caice’s high performance Fan Coil Units set a new standard for quietness and provide air conditioning for commercial, industrial, domestic and residential buildings.

The flexible and modular Fan Coil Unit system allows components to be added to suit your precise requirements and the compact construction of these FCUs means they can be easily concealed indoors, ceiling mounted in voids or installed under floors.

Includes free issue fitment or Standalone and Bacnet operation with Trend fan coil controls.

Easy to access and maintain with lower service costs. Watch short animation showing how fans, controls and filters can be removed, serviced or replaced via a 600mm x 600mm ceiling access hatch, with their optional side access.

15% less energy consumption*
Cooling capacity increased 60%* higher performance with attenuators
Wasted cooling reduced by 50%* (lower Latent Factor)
Size of units reduced by 20%* and cost cut by 12%* (on average)
Serviceable via 600 x 600 mm access panel – easier access for maintenance lowers servicing costs with our optional side access.
1400 hours of rigorous thermal and acoustic testing
Smart Caice software selects the best unit for each application
Finalist in RAC Cooling Industry Awards, 2018
*Relative to comparable units

Caice Fan Coil Units cost less to run each year

Caice’s FCUs consume less energy relative to other comparable units on the market, offering environmental efficiency benefits and saving money every year throughout their long lifetime.

Download Free FCU Energy Savings Calculator

Compare how their Fan Coil Units perform against conventional FCUs, showing £ saved through lower annual running costs. The calculator is pre-populated with figures but over type with your own data to see the specific results for your project.

Power consumption and wasted cooling reduced

To reduce the power consumption Caice have redesigned the fan chamber and coil to lower air resistance, improve airflow uniformity, increasing the free area and making the profile of the coil block thinner.

A reduction in wasted cooling is the result of more uniform thermal transfer, providing an increased Sensible Heat Ratio, reduced Latent Factor and reduced chiller and pump requirements.

Fan Coil Units Selector Software

If you’re using Autodesk Revit, the widely-used CAD software that helps designers to create 3D drawings for construction projects, the Caice add-in will enable you to create BIM level 2 compliant models of our unique fan coil units.

FCU BIM Level 2 video tutorials for creating, exporting and updating models for Caice Fan Coil Units

With these short FCU BIM level 2 model video tutorials, you can learn how easy it is to use the Caice Revit Add-in to import COBie compliant Fan Coil Unit models Caice send you into Revit. Should you modify data you can export them to Caice for verification, from our subsequent re-issue you can import the models back into Revit at any time.


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