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Bituminous Membrane System

IKO ULTRA Hybrid Systems
IKO’s Hybrid Systems offer the ultimate combination of proven products, speed of application and safe installation practices on site. The systems effectively combine the use of a quality self-adhesive underlay, high-performance PIR insulation, and the proven performance of an IKO Torch-On Cap Sheet.

IKO ULTRA Flame-Free (Self-Adhesive) Systems
IKO’s range of flame-free systems include a robust single layer system that can be bonded, mechanically fixed or ballasted and a self-adhesive built-up roofing system. They provide a great advantage for projects requiring no hot works during installation.

IKO ULTRA Torch-On Systems
IKO’s torch-on membranes offer a simple, rapid application and are installed by highly skilled and trained operatives. As the bonding bitumen forms part of the core membrane itself, torch-on systems provide completely homogeneous bitumen throughout.

Cold Liquid Roofing
With no hot works involved in the installation process, cold applied roofing systems also offer a fully bonded application, meaning no flow paths for water to track. Providing a fast application, cold applied liquid solutions are especially ideal for exposed roofs with large number of complicated details and penetrations.

This easy and safe option also offers a seamless application by filling in cracks, gaps and voids in the substrate which makes them an ideal solution for refurbishment projects. They can also be more cost effective for the repair projects.

Over the last years with the usage of hot works and gas torches becoming more restricted on roofs, cold applied liquid roofing systems gained popularity in the UK market. They have various advantages especially for projects when the building is still occupied during works. IKO also offers odourless solutions which is a bonus for projects of this type.

IKO’s cold applied roofing systems are available with guarantees up to 25 years, offering the clients a piece of mind solution.

Single Ply Roofing
Thanks to proving fast track installation, IKO’s single ply systems offer a perfect solution for large flat roof projects such as factories, distribution hubs and warehouses. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, installation is clean and easy with no hot works or gas torches involved which can help with reducing the insurance premiums.

Single ply systems also offer a lightweight waterproofing solution, leaving more design flexibility to specifiers.

IKO offers different colour options to match the project needs along with bespoke colours that are made to order. To provide the desired aesthetically pleasing look, IKO also offer complementary PVC standing seams which replicate the metal effect, offering an economical alternative to zinc roofs.

Over the last years with the usage of hot works and gas torches becoming more restricted on roofs, Single Ply Roofing Systems have gained popularity and they are now widely used in a broad range of sectors including education, hospitality, commercial, healthcare and residential buildings.

Manufactured in the UK, IKO’s single ply roofing systems are available with guarantees up to 25 years along with a BBA life expectancy of 40 years.

Hot Melt
Hot melt systems are buried applications that are suitable for inverted roofs and best used on a concrete substrate. Although best suited to a concrete substrate, their IKO Permatec can be used on a variety of substates. Please contact your local business manager to discuss further. They are not UV stable and need protecting with ballast, paving or green roof finishes.

Popular for new build projects, they are fully bonded and easy to install systems. In the event of a leak, water cannot track; therefore it is easily detected and repaired which provides a great advantage to building occupiers.

Thanks to their high tensile strength, IKO Hot Melt Systems provide a tough surface and high resistance to impact damage. They set immediately after installation and become highly resistant to rain, snow and frost. Due to their low temperature flexibility, work can proceed during winter months, minimising the lost times in construction.

Manufactured in Matlock Derbyshire, IKO Hot Melt Systems can be delivered either in blocks with minimal packaging or hot charge tankers, both offering excellent sustainability credentials for carbon footprint and site waste.

They provide a long life expectancy with a BBA stating ‘lasts for the design time of the building’ and guarantees up-to 25 years. This is a great system if you wish to waterproof, bury and forget.

Mastic Asphalt
Providing an ideal choice for heritage projects such as Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, Mastic Asphalt is also suitable for a whole range of roofing applications, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, it can be used on most deck types such as concrete, timber and profile metal.

Manufactured in the UK, IKO Mastic Asphalt Systems offer a long term durability that performs for the design life of the roof. Fully bonded system means water cannot track and defects can be spotted and fixed easily.

IKO Mastic asphalt roofing systems also provide an advantage for large projects as it can be laid at speed when supplied to site in bulk by hot charge transporters. By this method, one 18 tonne hot charge delivery vehicle can supply enough mastic asphalt to lay 360m2 of material to a depth of 20mm.

This ensures that a roof can be quickly and efficiently waterproofed allowing other trades on site, often within hours.

IKO has been offsetting the carbon footprint of all the mastic asphalt roofing projects by using internationally approved carbon credits, providing you a green and sustainable solution.

IKO’s Mastic Asphalt solutions are also an ideal waterproofing material for extensive green roofs, intensive roof gardens and biodiversity roofs. They are completely resistant to root penetration and do not require an additional anti-root barrier. They can also be used on insulated warm roofs, un-insulated cold roofs and inverted roof specifications.

IKO Enertherm GOLD insulation board is a 100 % CFC, HCFC or HFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, clad on both sides with a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex. This high-quality rooftop insulation consists of no fewer than seven layers, combined into a single complex. It is tested under extreme conditions in respect of water absorption, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and emissivity.

IKO Enertherm XPS Insulation Board is a rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) board with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five. A lightweight, lap jointed board with high compressive strength and performance. Thermal performance of an inverted roof is improved when used in conjunction with IKO enertherm WCL. Used for the thermal insulation of a wide variety of flat roofs including an inverted roof below ballast or paving slabs or a green/garden roof.

Pitched Roofing
IKO Armourglass Plus Square Butt Shingles are lightweight, glass fibre based bitumen strip slates. They are easily installed and give the appearance of a highly decorative tiled roof finish. IKO Roofing Shingles can be used on a wide variety of buildings, temporary or permanent, and have proved immensely popular with both professional and DIY installers alike.

IKOslate is a composite roof tile manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. Its unique structure gives it superior strength and makes it easier to handle and install.

Shed Felt
IKO Shed Felt is an economical, bituminous, fibre based roofing felt with a protective and decorative fine mineral finish. It is used to waterproof and protect a variety of common garden buildings, such as sheds, summerhouses, kennels and hutches.

IKO Super Shed Felt is a longer lasting, polyester reinforced felt, with a green or black mineral finish. Available in 8m or 10m x 1m rolls, this robust waterproofing membrane is expected to last up to 15 years. The packaging includes full instructions printed on the wrapper.

Levelling Screed IKO Permascreed is a quick laying screen for flat roofs used for levelling walkways & vehicle decks. It is designed to provide drainage falls as well as a stable base for the specified waterproofing system.


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