Lighting and its effect on our wellbeing

Lighting and its effect on our wellbeing

LED lighting is known for its ability to create desirable, sustainable environments and with minimal heat build-up, small size and long operating life, LED lighting systems – such as Loox by Häfele – deliver an easy-to-install option that creates expressive and usable spaces.

There has been a recent shift in modern architects’ approach to lighting in the home and work environments, using the latest technology to add an experiential element that is both stylish and functional, whilst complementing our wellbeing.

Our mental and physical health can be impacted negatively by poor lighting. Excessive exposure to white and blue light is known to affect how well we can relax and sleep at night. Poor lighting can also cause eye strain, headaches and anxiety.

Whilst poor lighting choices and design can negatively impact us, the right lighting can benefit of our health. Well-considered lighting designs and installations can calm, motivate, inspire or even enliven us. The right use of lighting components can reduce our propensity to suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and in the home clever use of lighting can make a family feel warmer or cooler, even if the room temperature stays the same.

Häfele’s Loox Plug and Play system is designed to make LED lighting installations even easier, with a clear colour coding system. With the option to plug in directly to the wall or hard wire into a larger lighting system, Loox removes the need for an electrician. For those wanting to use light to do more than simply illuminate a space, Loox offers additional flexibility and creativity, meaning lighting can be used to create different atmospheres.

With the ability to integrate into furniture, people can use Loox to help them with a specific task, making light a tool for productivity. Additionally, as it’s controllable via an app available for smartphones and tablets, users can change their lighting design to suit an occasion, or create a mood.

The Häfele Connect range of smart products offers new, surprising possibilities for lighting solutions. The Loox by Häfele range fulfils strict worldwide quality criteria and is designed to have a long service life. For more information, please contact Häfele.

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