M60, Greater Manchester

M60, Greater Manchester

Client: NMS Ltd
Type of works: supplied RonaRoad Manhole Mortar and RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair

The M60 is the orbital motorway which encircles Greater Manchester and contains the busiest section of motorway in the country. As a result of heavy traffic coupled with a cold winter the tarmac around drains and manhole covers on the slip road at Junction 24 was breaking away, causing a potential hazard to motorists and at the least a rough ride.

Contractors NMS Ltd were asked to provide a solution to this problem that would cause minimum disruption to commuters; it was also important that the repairs be effective in the long term so that future closures for re-repair could be avoided.

NMS specified two products produced by Ronacrete. RonaRoad Manhole Mortar to raise the frame round the manholes and RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair to fill the holes created by the failed tarmac.

“We wanted to keep disruption of the motorway to the absolute minimum and clear the traffic management from the carriageway as soon as possible. RonaRoad Manhole Mortar can support traffic after one hour and RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair can be trafficked immediately after laying proving both to be the ideal solution. These products also provide a permanent solution so we could reassure our client that further costly repairs and subsequent disruption would not be necessary” said Ian Williamson, NMS.

Other reasons why NMS chose to use RonaRoad GreenPatch Pothole Repair were that it can be laid in wet weather and at temperatures as low as -20ºC and still remain pliable and easy to use. Also, as no mixing is required, the roadway could be repaired speedily simply by placing the product into the prepared recess and machine or hand compacting it ready for immediate traffic.

“The reason RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair offers a more permanent solution than traditional pothole repair products is because traditional cold-lay road repair products are made up of petroleum based solvents like diesel, toluene, kerosene and naphthalene to make them soft enough to use. These toxic solvents can attack and eat away at the other components in the products weakening the material and its bond to the road from the moment they are applied, RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair uses environmentally friendly zero VOC softeners, so this problem does not occur and the repair is permanent."

"We are very pleased that Ronacrete products have played a part in making the M60 safer and in keeping the traffic flowing around Manchester,” Simeon Osen, Managing Director Ronacrete.

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