Surfacing, resin-bonded and resin-bound


The Ronacrete hard landscaping range comprises RonaDeck resin-bonded surfacing, in addition to RonaDeck resin-bound surfacing and RonaDeck porous tree pits. These offer decorative paving which is strong, durable and attractive.

Available in a choice of finishes and looks for private homes, houses, public buildings and landscaped properties, swimming pool surrounds, gardens.

Suitable for light foot traffic in domestic areas, station footpaths and museums, parks and landscaped areas, hotels, shopping centres and car-parking bays. Used nationally and internationally for domestic, commercial and public-funded projects.

RonaDeck Ultra Bound

RonaDeck Ultra Bound is a unique two-component polyurethane resin which binds kiln-dried aggregates to produce a UV stable, SuDS compliant permeable surface.

RonaDeck Ultra Bound provides an attractive porous surface which is strong enough for foot and light vehicle traffic. RonaDeck Ultra Bound is designed for use on pathways, patios, driveways, pool surrounds, tree pits and large open areas.

With RonaDeck Ultra Bound, Ronacrete are using new resin technology which protects the resin from heat and UV degradation.

RonaDeck Ultra Bound uses a unique resin which has been formulated to withstand extreme heat and UV exposure. Ronacrete have tested it in their QUV chamber in accordance with ASTM G154 Cycle 1 (1000 hours) which simulates Florida weather conditions.

To measure the colour change of an object, they use a measurement called Delta E. This notes the change in visual perception of two given colours. Standard PU formulations achieve Delta E values above 30 whereas RonaDeck Ultra Bound achieves a value of 0.99. Delta E values of 2 and below are not considered to be visible to the human eye.

UV degradation of Standard PU formulations will reduce the physical properties, in particular, the elasticity, toughness and the impact resistance of the surface. Properties of RonaDeck Ultra Bound are largely unaffected by exposure to UV light. In fact, in most cases, the physical properties of RonaDeck Ultra Bound actually improve.

RonaDeck Ultra Bound allows any colour of aggregate to be used – light aggregates will remain light and will keep their colour.

Other benefits of RonaDeck Ultra Bound is that the flexibility and elongation are not affected when exposed to these conditions. Tests have proven that the standard PU formulations lose their flexibility and elongation, embrittle and are more prone to shatter.

RonaDeck Ultra Bound has been independently tested for the Determination of scuffing, (TRL 176 Appendix G as amended by BBA ” Guidelines Document for the Assessment and Certification of High Friction Surfaces for Highways” March 2015) and had an erosion index of 0 which is the best result that can be achieved. This means that it has excellent abrasion resistance.


NBS clausesRonadeck Resin Bound Surfacing Q26 260 Ronadeck Resin Bonded Surfacing M12 10 Q23 225 226


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