Mermet provides ideal acoustic solutions

Mermet provides ideal acoustic solutions

Mermet provide solutions for acoustic control and transparency.

We all know the problem, for example in a busy restaurant or bar you are having difficulty understanding somebody only a few feet away, so you speak louder, they speak louder, everybody speaks louder and nobody can hear a thing.

The problem is not noise volume; it is the lack of clarity to the sound. Referred to by acousticians as speech intelligibility or sound reverberation, it is caused by sound rebounding from surfaces of differing distances away from the source, their reflections taking varying lengths of time to return.

A simple solution to this common problem would be to remove or reduce reflections of hard smooth surfaces such as walls and glass.

The Mermet Acoustis 50 is an acoustically absorbent fabric, less than 1 mm thick, that absorbs sound and controls light, preventing the loss of sound due to hard surfaces such as glass.

The interiors industry regularly seek a fabric to cover walls or ceilings that is acoustically transparent in order that acoustically absorbent foams hidden behind them can still work for example in home cinemas or screening rooms.

The further requirements of fabrics in installations such as these being dimensional stability, allowing the fabric to be pulled taught into position without sagging over time, top level fire ratings along with an attractive easy to clean finish.

The Mermet Screen Vision and Satine fabrics are both used in these respects, in the case of the Sv 10% in some considerable quantity.

Key to Mermet fabric use, be it for acoustic absorbance, transparency or another of its myriad other features, is the glass fibre core to the yarn.

Mermet have been weaving in glass fibre for over 60 years. The glass fibre cored yarn does not stretch, being made from sand it does not burn.

Manufacturing the yarn as well as weaving the fabric means Mermet understand and can control solar reflectance, transmission and absorption.

The Satine, Screen Vision and Acoustis 50 fabrics referred to are just three of nearly 20 fabrics in the current 2015-18 collection, so many more fabrics, more choice and much more performance.

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