RENOLIT ALKORPRO was created for total safety in underground structures.

RENOLIT ALKORPRO was created for total safety in underground structures.

Versatile, effective and safe: the new system completes RENOLIT ALKORPLAN's range of PVC membranes dedicated to waterproofing. All-in-one product ensuring less material use, faster application and 100% sealing safety

RENOLIT ALKORPRO is the result of the technology and experience of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN. This makes it versatile, effective and safe. RENOLIT ALKORPRO is the new system that arises from the need to develop a specific product for foundations and thus completes the PVC range of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN dedicated to waterproofing. The new range has been specifically designed for the waterproofing of foundations, basements, tunnels, underground car parks and all other concrete constructions below ground level. RENOLIT ALKORPRO uses a new generation of fully bonded membranes that provide exceptional waterproofing performance, recommended where concrete structures must be protected from groundwater, contaminants or gases such as radon.

The benefits are noteworthy. When this membrane comes into contact with concrete, the fabric is soaked into the concrete and becomes whole. In addition, the presence of the so-called SAP – Super Absorbent Polymer, a special gel that swells when in contact with water - represents an additional barrier to water in the unlikely event of a break or a cracking of the concrete.

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