Ronacrete introduces Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit

Ronacrete introduces Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit

Ronacrete has introduced a new product to its range of resin paving products. Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit is not only helpful to the environment by facilitating the planting of trees in urban areas but has other sustainable features; a truly ‘green’ product.

Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit has a concentrated formulation - reducing packaging, emissions and transportation costs. Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit is SuDS compliant, its high porosity allowing the tree to feed and remain healthy, it also allows for root movement so the tree can grow. The resin also has unique hydrophilic properties which not only mean that it can be laid in wet/inclement conditions but that recycled aggregate can be used straight after it has been washed. Because there is no need for a complicated drying procedure this makes using recycled aggregates a much more practical proposition. Also as the aggregate used does not need to be dry there is no necessity for the burning of fossil fuels, again reducing the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

“Our research and development team has been working for some time to formulate a more sustainable tree pit resin and we are delighted with the result. Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit reduces carbon emissions, fuel usage, packaging and waste materials while providing the ideal protection for trees which are so beneficial to the environment, particularly in urban areas.”

What is Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit?
Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit is a natural aggregate finish surround for planted trees in public and private areas. Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit is an alternative to traditional costly metal grilles which are difficult to walk on and can become a storage space for hazardous and unsavoury items of litter. Unlike the grilles it has no salvage value so will not be stolen or damaged.

The Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit surrounds the tree in a solid yet flexible construction that is easily swept clean and its porous structure allows rainwater to seep immediately through to the root system feeding the tree and reducing the burden of surface water drainage. The system is suitable for walking on (less slippery than grating) and for light vehicle traffic.

Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit system reduces the carbon footprint by:

Decreasing transport costs
• All weather application – reduces downtime, no need to return to site
• Concentrated formulation – weighs less, takes up less space meaning fewer trips and uses less fuel
• Manufactured in the UK

Less resources and waste
• Concentrated formulation means less packaging required
• Reduced packaging means less waste
• Waste from packaging is recycled
• Packaging is made from completely recyclable materials

Lower emissions
• Containers made from bio-polymers
• No dried aggregates required – so no burning of fossil fuels
• Container designed for automated filling - quicker and more energy efficient

Why is tree planting so important in urban areas?

Trees are beautiful to behold, providing homes for a variety of wildlife. Their large leaf canopies slow down rainwater’s progress, reducing flash flooding.

They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as part of photosynthesis, cleaning the air and reducing temperatures.

Trees release oxygen into the atmosphere, catch dust and pollutants in their leaves, reduce smog formation and absorb radiant energy from the sun, reducing the incidence of asthma, skin cancer and stress-related illness.

The Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit system can help make all these things possible.

Sustainable features
• Concentrated formulation reducing emissions, packaging and fuel
• Highly porous allowing tree to feed – SuDs compliant
• Dried aggregates not essential – less burning of fossil fuels
• Existing wet aggregate can be recycled
• Allows for tree growth and root movement
• Manufactured in the UK – no air and sea freight

Other key features
• Hydrophilic, can be laid in wet conditions – reducing downtime and saving money
• A cost effective alternative to metal tree grilles – eliminates costs from theft, no salvage value
• Eliminates glass, needles, hazardous materials and other litter – reduces maintenance costs

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