Six BBA certificates for Ronacrete Ltd

Six BBA certificates for Ronacrete Ltd

Ronacrete, the construction products manufacturer, has recently had its six British Board of Agrément Certificates reissued, 32 years after Ronacrete’s first BBA approval.

The Certificates are: Ronafix Concrete Render Admixture, Ronafix Brick Slip Adhesive Mortar Admixture, Ronafix Admixture for Thin Screeds and Floorings, Ronacrete Concrete Repair Admixture, Ronabond Concrete Repair Mortar and Ronabond Bedding Mortar.

The BBA has been awarding Agrément Certificates to manufacturers since 1966 providing construction professionals with detailed information on the performance of new construction products and materials and the peace of mind that the product will be ‘fit for purpose’.

Ronacrete started business just three years after the introduction of the Certificates and just nine years later in 1978 gained this gold standard assessing the quality and performance of its products.

Simeon Osen, Managing Director of Ronacrete said: “We are very pleased to have yet again retained the certification for six key product applications. Keeping BBA certification is an ongoing process with product manufacture being regularly monitored throughout the Certificate’s life. We look upon it as part of our overall quality of service which our customers rely and depend on. It underwrites the quality and reliability of Ronacrete products in manufacture, durability and performance.”

Ronacrete supplies more than 1 million litres of Ronafix every year. It is the most specified product of its type in the UK and Far East market thanks to its consistency, quality, reliability and durability.

Alan Thomas, BBA Sales and Communications Director commented: “The BBA has been delighted to work with Ronacrete over the years and congratulate the company on its many successes – due, we trust, in no small part to their commitment to Agrément Certification. Our assessments are as rigorous now as they were back in the beginning and it is a significant achievement to have been awarded six Certificates and maintained them, and shows that the company is committed to quality in act as well as word. We hope to continue our relationship with Ronacrete for many years to come.”

Ronafix Concrete Render Admixture – BBA Cert: 86/1651
Two layers of render modified with Ronafix Concrete Render Admixture produces an external weatherproof render on concrete substrates. A 10-year insurance backed warranty is available from Ronacrete.

Ronafix Brick Slip Adhesive Mortar Admixture – BBA Cert: 89/2149
The mortar modified with Ronafix Brick Slip Adhesive Mortar Admixture can be used for bedding and for bonding brick slips to concrete substrates.

Ronafix Admixture for Thin Screeds and Flooring – BBA Cert: 89/2150
The admixture enables interior thin screeds and floorings to be laid on to concrete substrates.

Ronacrete Concrete Repair Admixture – BBA Cert: 89/2151
A liquid admixture for concrete repair mortars, it has good strength, waterproofing and frost resistant properties and a thermal coefficient of expansion similar to concrete. Used for repairing damage by spalling and cracking, the modified mortar is highly durable.

Ronabond Concrete Repair Mortar – BBA Cert: 90/2421
A durable concrete repair mortar which is available pre-packed and has at least the life of the surrounding concrete.

Ronabond Bedding Mortar – BBA Cert: 90/2422
A waterproof and frost proof high strength bedding mortar for bonding brick slips to concrete substrates.

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Ronacrete has been manufacturing specialist construction products since 1969. Ronacrete produces market leading brands for construction, including Ronafix admixture with BBA Approval for screeds, renders, concrete repair and bedding mortars....
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