Superheated Water Cleaning Equipment: ThermaTech®

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ThermaTech® is a modular range of superheated water cleaning equipment, producing a liquid spray at adjustable temperatures up to and including 150°C. It is highly effective at melting and removing many paints, surface treatments, chewing gum, wax, oil / bitumen and organic matter from a wide range of substrates, often without addition of chemicals; and is also available with an optional abrasive attachment.

The system when used with the recovery module is ideally suited for large-scale, internal projects. It uses 110V as standard, with options for 230V usage and dual-voltage modules. Designed for reliability using high-quality, recyclable materials, ThermaTech® reduces reliance on chemicals and boosts the performance of milder agents.

The standard pressure of the 110V ThermaTech® is adjustable from 20 to 140 bar, achieving water flow rates of up to 9 litres per minute at 140 bar. It can be used with pressure-reducing guns to attain pressures lower than 20 bar for small-scale, gentle cleaning of the most delicate substrates. The optional 230V pump can achieve 160 bar at a flow rate of 9.5 LPM.

The standard nozzle is angled at 40 degrees, allowing for a faster rate of work at a similar intensity, with the 50% wider spray pattern giving a more even, gentle clean than other machines.

The Standard ThermaTech® can support two operators working simultaneously from the one pump and boiler for localised masonry cleaning. The use of a splitter after the burner shares the water flow to two standard nozzles. Each operator can expect 50-55 bar at ~130°c.

ThermaTech®’s temperature control is tightly regulated, helping to ensure an even spray shape, and temperature is fully adjustable up to 150°C according to the required applications. The boiler temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat, which checks temperature ten times a second, giving a precise output. This keeps the superheated jet in focus and prevents overheating or undercooling. The digital thermostat increases fuel efficiency.

ThermaTech® uses high-efficiency motors and minimal water, yields positive results for COSHH and REACH in safety and environmental risk assessment, and exceeds the most up-to-date electrical safety standards. It is made with high-quality components throughout, including the hose, pump, frame and couplings. ThermaTech®’s fuel system comprises 5-stage filtration to eliminate breakdowns caused by dirty fuel. A fuel filter condition gauge has ‘good’ and ‘change’ clearly visible on the control panel.

ThermaTech®’s modular design makes transportation easy. Its pump and fuel tank / jerrycan can be separated from the other components of the machine to keep the weight of the parts manageable. The boiler unit can easily be loaded and unloaded by one person.

ThermaTech® is also available in another model, ‘INOX’, with either an electric pump or a diesel-driven pump. The INOX model features a stainless steel boiler construction and a full 150°C heat output with up to 12 LPM flow – particularly useful with two-man operation or other high-temperature-demanding jobs such as paint stripping. The standard diesel-driven pump has 9.5 LPM flow at up to 170 bar. The increased performance means that a 65° spray nozzle can be used for an even faster rate of work.

For full details of both models, please download the ThermaTech® brochure.


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