ThermaTech® superheated water system granted patent

ThermaTech® superheated water system granted patent

Specialist supplier Restorative Techniques Ltd, is extremely delighted to announce, that is has now been granted patent for the ThermaTech® superheated water system, originally filed back in January 2011.

Since its introduction, ThermaTech® has quickly become established as a named and frequently specified method, for many important and notable projects, from Royal Palaces, Cathedrals, including many other prestigious landmark buildings, through to a wide range of scales and large variety of structures.

Commenting on approval of the patent, Julia Fairchild, Director said, that everyone at Restorative Techniques is thrilled at yet another successful achievement, of one of the many objectives that the company had originally set itself. Significantly it also demonstrates, that we don't just have the professional technical expertise and knowledge of materials and substrates here in-house, that we are recognised for within the building conservation and restoration sector, but additionally, we have the appropriate engineering skills and capabilities, that will allow us to continue designing and manufacturing further new innovations. It also provides clear evidence to a far wider market, that this modular system, which is only available through us, is set apart and fundamentally different from other systems available.

Restorative Techniques was established to supply products with an emphasis on technical support, advice, knowledge and expertise that the company's Managing Director, Jamie Fairchild, has particularly become well recognised for. Having spent three decades, providing detailed reports, professional advice and support, even on difficult substrates and materials, he also has the unusual and distinctive ability of genuinely supporting both contractors and specifiers, across a very wide range of projects, with a reputation that is sought and well regarded within the conservation and restoration sector. This association, meant Jamie recognised the sector needed a new and innovative system, that would be gentle yet highly effective, reliable and portable, whilst having the ability for a single individual to easily load into and out of vehicles and still be straightforward to manoeuvre around site, including scaffold elevations. Realising that site considerations and regulations were likely to become even more restrictive in the future, the company set about designing ThermaTech® as a future proof system, that would not just meet, but would go beyond existing site requirements and would incorporate environmental benefits, such as reducing reliance on chemical products for certain applications etc. without comprimising performance.

Understanding that there was also a crucial need for site equipment to be designed in 110v from the outset, not through adaptation of 240v components, allowed for further advancements to be incorporated, such as taking controls down to 24v, for an even higher level of operator safety. Understanding that for any contractor, time is money and that system reliability is vital, so that if a problem arises, it needs and can be diagnosed and remedied quickly, preferably by the operator whilst on site. ThermaTech® has been designed precisely with this in mind; 24v ‘plug-in’ components, easy change fuel filter, dual thermostats and electronics-free diagnostics etc.

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