Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

1st Coat is Primer

Primer should be low VOC, Epoxy based.

AQUASMART-DUR: The unique characteristics which distinguish this primer from the other are the following:
It is highly effective humidity barrier. So, it is ideal for applications subject to negative pressure/ rising humidity.
When it is used as a negative pressure humidity/ vapor barrier its total consumption should be at 0.5kg/m2 in 2-3 sequel coats.
It is non-flammable and zero VOC.
You choose this primer to apply over strong and sound concrete in order to increase adhesion and to close any Ω holes.
AQUASMART-DUR is also an easy applicable (water-based) solution for application over iron, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete, screeds and wood.

Note: If outside the pool there is waterproofing of the concrete, AQUASMART-DUR can be applied in 1 single coat of 0.2kg/m2.
If there is not any outside waterproofing and concrete protection (or there are doubts how effective it is), AQUASMART-DUR should be applied in 2-3 sequels coats at a total consumption of 0.5-0.6kg/m2!

Main Coat is EPOXY RESIN-51 POOL

EPOXY RESIN 51-POOL is a two component, thixotropic, solvent free, epoxy paint formulated to maximize pot-life and adhesion without the use of solvents or diluents. It has with excellent chemical resistance, high impact and abrasion resistance.

In this sample EPOXY RESIN 51-POOL is applied in one single coat of 2/m2 and present the way you apply the material over horizontal surfaces.
On vertical surfaces this total consumption can be achieved by applying the material in sequel coats of 0.7kg/m2 each.
Total required consumption depends on how strong the concrete is and for what type of use (professional or not) the pool will have.

Topcoat is AQUASMART-TC-Pool Protect.

This step is optional and serves to color protection and better chemical resistance against chlorine treated water.

AQUASMART –TC 2K Pool Protect is a two component, water based, aliphatic coating with exceptional resistance to chlorine treated water as well as UV resistance in any color. A common problem in swimming pool waterproofing with Epoxy systems is that over time the color instability of the epoxy coat gives a washed out look to the coating or even in the case of bad quality epoxies severe discoloration.
AQUASMART® –TC 2K POOL Protect is a fully aliphatic, polyurethane top coat with extreme UV resistance in any color even very dark colors. The material is easily pigmented by using water based pigment pastes available in hardware stores. The product displays excellent adhesion to epoxy and polyurethane coatings. The rheology of the material also allows easy application in the vertical walls of the swimming pool. Finally the product displays excellent resistance to staining.
Application is carried out with a roller with at a total consumption of 0.2-0.3kg/m2 in two coats.

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