The importance of (not) having BMS

The importance of (not) having BMS

In the HVAC part, BMS is supposed to gather the main equipment (such as VRF, Heat Pumps, AHU`s, boilers, pumps etc.) and make it work together…efficiently. Well in reality in the majority of the HVAC systems, BMS gathers the main equipment, but is far away from being efficient.

Each of the main equipment has its own controller and software language, it`s delivered by different suppliers, very rarely there is an Automation project together with the main HVAC project, misunderstanding of when and how Heating + AC and Ventilation systems need to work together, inefficient communication protocols etc. are the main reasons for the inefficient BMS`s.

Damvent's built-in/integrated Energy Management System (EMS) completely removes the need of BMS in its HVAC part. As standard is equipped with:

1.Energy meter for measuring and recording of the Total Energy Consumption(kWh) of VMF in real time

2.Gateway for remote control, monitoring and service of VMF from any location in the world

- Industrial modems are extremely important for each industry: fast and save internet connection, combination of Ethernet and serial communication, reliable power supply and time-synchronization

- It could be used for integration of modern industrial equipment in 1 solution via RS232 or RS485 interfaces

- Wide range of services such as: SMS control, Firewall, OpenVPN, IPSec, RMS, which provide reliable and safe data connection

- Double SIM functionality

EMS provides in real time moment energy consumption values of all consumers (compressors, fans, pumps etc.), calculates the useful heating/cooling capacity of water, but also fresh air (by measuring of the RH(%) of the fresh and supply air via sensors)

It has separate screen with detailed parameters for each room. Detailed alarm menu is available for the service and maintenance specialists. Week schedules, plus customer required graphs are available.

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