The importance of staying hydrated at work

The importance of staying hydrated at work

The Wellbeing group believe it is vital to stay sufficiently hydrated when at work, to ensure that you are performing to your maximum. Did you know that there are some people who may not be performing at their best because they are mildly dehydrated?

The scientific evidence between cognitive performance and dehydration, although limited, is strong and continues to grow. Yet surprisingly, 31% of those surveyed, admitted to deliberately drinking less than they would like while at work to avoid having to take bathroom breaks, therefore overriding thirst signals.

Many types of liquids help keep the body hydrated. The myth that caffeine causes dehydration is just that, a myth. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, all beverages, including those with caffeine, contribute to hydration needs.

Wellbeing provide plenty of refreshment options to make sure you are performing at your optimum level in the workplace.

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Wellbeing Group

Wellbeing Group

At Wellbeing Group, their mission is to revitalize workplaces. They do this by providing premium solutions to refresh, revive and re-energise workforces across the UK. Whether it be commercial coffee machines, water dispensers, entrance mats, or...
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