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Top 4 security concerns for lockers

Top 4 security concerns for lockers

Lockers come in handy for people who want to temporarily store their things in secure locations. Total Lockers’ products range from standard lockers to coin lockers and everything that falls in between. In most cases, there is some mechanism in place that is meant to keep the lockers secure. Although there are many benefits to using lockers, institutions need to be aware of the security concerns that can compromise lockers.

One of the main security vulnerabilities that plague lockers is the fact that they can be shimmed. Any lock that uses spring operated/spring loaded mechanisms is susceptible to shimming, and being able to identify this concern gives institutions the opportunity to rectify it. For example, in the case of padlocks, it is always best to use padlocks that have ball bearings. Locks with ball bearings are much more secure and these will negate the possibility of the lock being shimmed.

This is a major security concern that people need to be aware of because criminals tend to target the lockers that they know they can easily break into. The main factors that will determine if your lock can be cut are material that is made of and the shackle size of the lock. It is crucial to make sure that you use an appropriately sized shackle that does not give criminals enough room to cut between the lock and the hasp. Also, it is always best to use locks that are made from alloy metals, as these are some of the strongest locks on the market.

It is important to be aware that lockers are highly susceptible to picking if there is a keyway. Essentially, if there is a keyway available, a criminal will most likely be able to pick the lock. To circumvent this concern, it is best to use combination locks or electronic combination locks instead of padlocks or pre-installed locks with keyways. The use of combination locks takes the keyway off the table and minimizes the security vulnerabilities.

In most cases, this occurs when the culprit know that the hinges of the locker door are vulnerable and exposed, or that the material of the door itself is weak enough to be pried free. It’s important to make sure that the hinges for locker doors are facing inwards so that they are not exposed to criminals. The material of the locker door is also very important. If the door is hollow and made of a weak metal, there will be very little in place to resist attacks from criminals.

There is no doubt that lockers are a valuable asset, and they are a great storage tool. This is why it’s important for people to be aware of the security vulnerabilities of lockers, so that they can adequately guard against them, and keep their belongings safe.

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