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A unique chemical product designed to waterproof concrete and increase its durability. Used as an admix at the time of batching, the active chemicals react with fresh concrete to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation which withstands extreme hydrostatic pressure and actively seals the concrete against the penetration of water or liquid, protecting it from the deterioration effect of harsh environmental conditions including chloride attack to steel reinforcing and sulphate attack on concrete.

Shrinkage cracks within design tolerances are actively and constantly resealed creating a lifetime of durable protection.

The use of Triton TT Admix within concrete complies with BS 8102:2009 and the product is categorized as a Type B waterproofing system according to that standard. Type B waterproofing is where the structure itself acts as an integral water resistant, robust line of protection. TT Admix is therefore acceptable as a designated line of defence as required by leading buildings insurers.

The water tightness of a Type B construction is also reliant upon using a concrete of low permeability and appropriate joint detailing. Triton TT Admix is normally used as part of a watertight concrete system that will also comprise waterstops and adhesives to seal the construction joints.

Triton Systems offers a range of waterstops that should be specified according to a project’s requirements. The range includes Triton CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop, a weatherproof, galvanized steel plate that only reacts with the water within the concrete - and is therefore ideal for use in ICF or twin wall installations and Triton TT Waterstop, a hydrophilic, ready to use waterstop which swells up to 200% when in contact with water.

Triton TT Swellmastic S2, is a one-component hydro-reactive expansion sealant and is designed for use as an adhesive when installing any of the Triton hydrophilic waterstops.

For volumetric concrete truck dosing systems, an ‘active’ liquid concrete waterproofer is available as an alternative to TT Admix and the whole watertight concrete range is supported by ancillary products including repair mortars, jointing strips and one-step seals for formwork spacers and pipes.


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Triton Systems

Triton Systems

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