Under tiles waterproofing

Under tiles waterproofing

1st Coat is Primer

Primer can be PU based or Epoxy based.

A. PU based
For PU based there are 2 main options: MICROSEALER-50 (next day primer), GEODESMO-50 (same day primer)
MICROSEALER-50: It has very extent application scopes: Concrete (even damp or humid), non-porous and/or glossy surfaces like old tiles, glass, marble, metals and wood. We recommend this primer for application over asphaltic membranes too. Several customers, who want to keep in stock one primer only, they use this material. MICROSEALER-50 is very “user friendly”. It can be easily applied even by non-experienced people. It is a low viscosity and good penetrating primer. It is also very elastic.
You choose this primer when your concrete surface is very porous and unsound. So, MICROSEALER-50 will penetrate in deep the surface, will seal and stabilize it.
MICROEALER-50 is also very elastic primer. It elongation property is >300%. So, you can apply it over elastic surfaces like existing PU or acrylic membranes.
There is also MICROSEALER-PU which is 100% solid version of the same primer and allows the applicator to “play” with the solvent percentage he puts depending on substrate’s porosity…

GEODESMO-50 has, more or less the same application scopes as MICROSEALER-50 but it has a very fast curing profile. 2-3 hours after this primer application you can apply the main membrane. Although the material has such a fast curing profile it has a good memory also. Application over it is possible event the next day and up to 48 hours. Be careful, this open application window it is if there is no any rain in between… if it rains you maybe need to reply one coat…

B. Epoxy Based
AQUASMART-DUR: The unique characteristics which distinguish this primer from the other are the following:
It is highly effective humidity barrier. So, it is ideal for applications subject to negative pressure/ rising humidity. When it is used as a negative pressure humidity/ vapor barrier its total consumption should be at 0.5kg/m2 in 2-3 sequel coats.
It is non-flammable and zero VOC.
You choose this primer to apply over strong and sound concrete in order to increase adhesion and to close any Ω holes.
AQUASMART-DUR is also an easy applicable (water-based) solution for application over iron, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete, screeds and wood.


HYPERDESMO-S-WR is single component PU based waterproofing membrane with very high elongation properties and very low water absorption.
Properties of HYPERDESMO-S-WR are specially designed to satisfy the need of demanding application in several climatic zones, including the tropical one.
At the same time elongation properties have been increase to remarkable level (±900%) and water absorption has been reduced to impressive level (<1%).
Its simpler production procedure than other HYPERDESMOs, allows us to offer this product in very competitive prices.
Thanks to its very low solvent contain (almost 98% solids contain) it is not considered as ADR product for road transport, neither IMO for marine transport.

Last but not least, HYPERDESMO-S has CE mark (European) certification according to prototype: EN 1504-2.

In this sample HYPERDESMO-S-WR is applied in one single coat of 1.5kg/m2 and presents the way you apply the material over horizontal surfaces.
On vertical surfaces this total consumption of 1.5kg/m2 can be achieved by applying 2 sequel coats of 0.750kg/m2 each.

Gluing the Tiles

After full curing of HYPERDESMO-S-WR (at least 5 days) you can fix your tiles with good quality, polymer modified tile glue (type C2S1) like our HYGROSMART-ADHESIVE –A100.

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