Warehouse & distribution centre growth is driving perimeter fencing boom [Blog]

Warehouse & distribution centre growth is driving perimeter fencing boom [Blog]

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Demand for more warehousing space in the UK is fuelling the rise in the number of speculative builds of general warehouse and distribution hubs. This, in turn, is driving sales of off-the-shelf perimeter fencing and barrier entrance controls, according to Heras.

As Europe’s leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions, Heras is seeing significant sales growth as it works with landlords to offer a range of solutions to ensure speculative sites are secure until they find tenants for the spaces.

Whilst standard systems meet the initial needs of landlords of new-build warehouse and distribution hubs, Heras is welcoming the opportunity to then work directly with tenants who take possession of warehouses on a more detailed statement of requirements for the overall security of the site.

A statement of requirements typically covers items including levels of perimeter security, the access control within the warehouse and even the management of functions within the site – such as allocating bays for the fleet of vehicles loading and unloading on site.

Where applicable, it is also giving Heras the opportunity to showcase its new next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs). Its new GeoMic and GeoPoint systems are designed to complement and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of both existing and specified perimeter protection fence and gate lines.

Heras’s Head of Sales, Daniel Burnstein, said that the growth in speculative warehouse builds presents two levels of opportunity to demonstrate the company’s expertise.

“The first opportunity is working with developers who need perimeter fencing and barrier entrance controls installed to make a site secure,” said Mr Burnstein.

“The second opportunity is to then work with tenants to demonstrate our credentials as the experts in demarcation, entrance control, detection and integrated systems, as well as our ability to provide ongoing support and maintenance. This includes showcasing innovations such as the next generation of PIDSs.

“We have worked on some very involved projects with, for example, some of the UK’s largest food and non-food retailers, so we understand the complexities and levels of security required – not only to keep a site secure but also to carefully control access to the different areas within a warehouse.”

Mr Burnstein says that Brexit and the pandemic are two key factors that have influenced the need for more warehousing, especially as some sectors have been stockpiling goods or gearing up for supply chain changes.

“We’ve seen a rise in sites increasing their security generally but also around some specific product groups – such as cigarettes and alcohol – where they are carrying higher than usual volumes,” he added.

“We are able to respond quickly to these needs because we offer full turnkey solutions and can draw on our proven track record – not just in warehousing and distribution but also more widely, including in utilities, transport, infrastructure, rail, prisons and data centres.”

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