Waterproofing and ground gas control for luxury Devon home

Waterproofing and ground gas control for luxury Devon home

A growing issue when working below ground is not only water ingress but also ground gas issues , whenever Wykamol get a set of plans in to design a waterproofing scheme the first question they ask also is if there are ground gas issues on the site also.

On this particular site in Devon , Radon gas was one such gas the engineer wanted to combat on this site.

What is Radon?

Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils.

Why is it a risk to our health?

Radioactive elements decay and emit radiation. Any exposure to this type of radiation is a risk to health - radiation is a form of energy and can cause damage in living tissues increasing the risk of cancer.

Once Wykamol were made aware of the geology report and the presence of this gas their waterproofing scheme also had to include for the provision of Radon. Wyakmol’s 7 layer thick specialist membrane Titan Bond was installed under the slab to combat any ground gas and waterproofing issues.

Wykamol will also be including their self adhesive ground gas and waterproofing membrane titan bond on the walls once they are built before backfilling this will also be sealed and welded to form a gas free seal.

Then Wykamol’s Type C Cavity Drain Membranes will be installed internally to give a dual waterproofing scheme to BS8102.

More and more common people are aware of these type of ground gases that are present and remediation needs to be carefully undertaken by a specialist contractor.

On this project registered installer Basement Structures installed the membranes under close guidance from the team at Wykamol.

All the membranes were welded and tested to ensure no leaks were evident across the slab area. Wykamol’s expansive knowledge in the ground gas industry enables them to work on projects like this.

The Wykamol Group sit on the board of The UK Radon association and have recently been on the steering committee for Ciria for a new document called retrofitting ground gas membranes.

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