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When it comes to waterproofing applications, the Wykamol Group has a huge range of products, from cement-based tanking powders to specialist epoxy coatings and Type A self adhesive membranes. In recent times however and since the changes to BS8102 and NHBC chapter 5.4 cavity drain membranes have fast become the choice for most contractors in the UK marketplace.

Easy to use and less problematic than other solutions, these systems can be used in a variety of applications above and below ground. When specifying waterproofing in today’s
marketplace care must be taken to look at all implications and issues surrounding the property. Being able to access systems to repair them if a problem arises is another reason that cavity drain membranes have gained popularity. This use, internally, as a dual system is fast becoming standard practice for professionals within the construction industry.

Cavity drain membranes have also become the number one choice for builders and developers tackling damp issues above ground. When dealing with salt and damp related issues, allowing the wall to breathe behind a cavity drain membrane has become the approach that most contractors take to such problems today; isolating any dampness issues within the

Issues of dense renders and long drying times have been almost eliminated by the use of cavity drain membranes. There membranes are also useful in heritage projects. Specifiers may wish to return back to the original structure at a later date. Membranes give the professional that option as well as allowing the walls to breathe in structures where dense renders would cause issues.

Wykamol have a team of 11 professional technical experts across the country who can give advice and access problems of dampness in structures whether that is a basement in a flooding situation or a listed building with dampness issues above the ground. Wykamol is there to give advice and design a repair strategy that satisfies the owners requirements.

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