Wave 3D Acoustic Wall Panels

Soundtect Limited

Wave is one of 6 stunning designs in the Soundtect 3D range which is both fluid and intriguing with its deep undulating curves and dips, Wave brings movement and life to walls, making it a true feature in any room.

The 600mm x 600mm x 75 mm depth panel is designed to give it a high absorption of sound resulting in a super-efficient 1.00 NRC. Made from 100% polyester, with over 70% recycled content. The panels can also be recycled making them an incredible environmentally friendly product.

The Soundtect bracket system allows easy installation of these lightweight but super effective panels on both walls and ceilings offering design options that are unusual and stand out, giving designers more choice and flexibility for acoustic applications.

Reverberation is reduced by offering Class A absorption to increase speech intelligibility in a specific area while reducing background sound noise levels.

Soundtect panels are for indoor use only but can be used in any area that acoustic treatments are required including areas of high levels of humidity such as swimming pools.

The panels are easily wall mounted and can be used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality.


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Soundtect Limited

Soundtect Limited

Soundtect is a manufacturer of third generation acoustic products and began life as plastic bottles before being turned into exhibition carpets and then on to acoustic solutions to create highly-efficient acoustic panels which provide up to 1.0 NRC....
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