Why Compromise - British is Best

Why Compromise - British is Best

When choosing traditional clay peg or plain roof tiles buyers need to beware of the marketing used by some roof tile suppliers to mislead buyers into believing that their products are UK made.

Tudor Roof Tile Co. Limited is a manufacturer of peg tiles and plain tiles and only manufacture tiles in England. Based at Lydd in Kent, they make roof tiles by hand just as people did hundreds of years ago.

It is said that copying is flattery and Tudor have had product colours, shapes and names copied by both UK and overseas manufacturers. This is common practice in today’s competitive market. However, Tudor are increasingly concerned about customers not realising important facts about their purchases.

They often talk to customers, and more worryingly, many architects, planners and conservation officers, who are totally unaware of the origin of the plain or peg roof tiles they are considering for their chosen roof covering.

It seems to Tudor Roof Tiles, as proud 'Brits', absolutely wrong that imported roof tiles are used on historic and listed properties in the UK.

This awareness of where roof tiles are actually made is not helped by the fact that there is no UK requirement on roof tiles to show the country of origin.

If you look at floor tiles & wall tiles you will see that the country of origin has to be clearly shown on each tile, and the packaging, as a UK legislated requirement.

Tudor believe that this visibility of origin is a good requirement and shouldn't be hidden. Customers, as end users, have the right to know where their products are made and who are the manufacturers. Based on this knowledge, customers can then make their decisions whether to buy/use the product or not.

At Tudor, they respect other countries’ history and traditions, and understand that the international world brings international competition, where each supplier markets their brand as effectively as possible …… what Tudor ask and hope for is simple transparency.

Tudor Roof Tiles are very proud of their own heritage as an English manufacturer of traditional handmade tiles, and hope that all overseas companies be equally proud and upfront about theirs, rather than allowing wrong assumptions to be made in order to bring sales.

Tudor is committed to British handmade roof tiles, which they believe preserve the character and history of traditional British buildings. It is important to them to not only to make tiles using the skills handed down from craftsmen in the past, but also to use locally sourced raw materials where possible.

All this at as competitive a price and good availability from stock.

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Tudor Roof Tile

Tudor Roof Tile

Tudor Roof Tile Co Ltd is one of the last remaining independent clay roof tile manufacturers, which still produces genuine handmade Kent Peg and Plain tiles of the kind that have graced English roofs over the centuries.

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