Why security technology is crucial to business success [BLOG]

Why security technology is crucial to business success [BLOG]

Comments attributed to: David Rogers, Access Control and Dialock Specialist, Häfele UK

“A robust workplace security policy can directly correlate to improved productivity, higher revenues and a stronger brand reputation for your business. Security strategies also directly impact on the liabilities, insurance, compensation and other expenses to be paid out to stakeholders in the case of an incident.

“As such, companies are investing more into their security resources, because not doing so could bring about their demise. It’s because of this, that access control systems which simultaneously offer increased protection from theft or other unauthorised access are surging in popularity.

“Dialock, the electronic remote access and furniture locking system from Häfele is specifically designed to meet the high safety requirements of those working in commercial and retail environments.

“As well as being compatible with cabinets, drawers and showcases, it has the flexibility to be rolled out to almost any area of a building, such as meeting spaces, conference suites, storage areas and hotel room doors to protect items and increase safety for people working in or using the building.

“Let’s consider security in the retail industry specifically. In luxury outlets, more expensive, high-quality goods are presented individually, tightly secured in glass counter cabinets or stands, using a wire-based security control system which offers backup safety mechanisms from the power supply. In premium stores, however, where the value of items doesn’t reach those of a luxury supplier, several products will usually be presented together within showcases and displays.

“As a result, battery driven furniture locking which enables more frequent access to items has long been preferred. Similarly, in basic shops, inexpensive goods may be protected from access using mechanical locks in large collections due to a lack of available space.

“Existing Dialock technology was previously only suitable for use in high-end retail stores. However, it has been expertly developed in recent years to expand its capabilities in the commercial sector, and it now offers functionality for premium and basic shop segments working with entry-level budgets, as well as in developments such as student accommodation, hostels and care settings.

“From lockers in gym and wellness facilities, to cash desks and filing cabinets in office settings; from media technology cabinets in conference facilities and for baggage storage rooms in hotels, security is key.

“The new generation of Dialock now available to the industry offers the perfect combination of door and furniture locks to provide designers, specifiers and contractors with an all-encompassing security solution.

“Häfele has long supplied the industry with Dialock technology. But as they bring to market its new advancements, they want more people to know about the support that they can offer in the planning, delivery and after sales phases of commercial projects of various sizes. This is especially important when it comes to the security and safety elements of furniture and access control.

“For example, by involving Häfele in the design of a commercial project, they’ll be able to take a masterplan and package all products together in sets. Then, they’ll produce an easy to follow document detailing the Dialock hardware that needs to be installed to each door, cabinet or drawer within the space.

“As standard, Häfele will include detailed assembly instructions and product details for each project, however their new Dialock components also include a QR code which you can scan to be taken directly to a digital version of the product information page.

“After installation, Häfele will provide regular, pro-active maintenance of all Dialock terminals to ensure long term functionality, with a remote maintenance function available to offer you a faster service should you require it. Plus, they can also provide training for your employees so they can maximise all of Dialock’s capabilities, and so your project gets ultimate value from the system.

Häfele can also tailor the system around your bespoke safety requirements – for example, if you need an alarm to signal if a lock is left open over a certain length of time – which can be implemented through Dialock’s programming capabilities.

“As security and safety technology becomes more sophisticated, it will be increasingly important for manufacturers to work together with customers on their requirements, and find solutions that are tailored to their needs.

“Dialock is so versatile in its nature, and comprehensive in its capabilities, that commercial settings which utilise it will benefit from a more coherent and efficient security solution that not only protects people and products, but which becomes central to overall business operations and success.”

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