Worldwide First- Heald Roadblocker Triumphs Again!

Worldwide First- Heald Roadblocker Triumphs Again!

Following the recent crash tests on its HCR4M1200RB in line with the British Standard PAS 68, Heald Limited is pleased to announce the success of another test - A WORLDWIDE FIRST FOR A ROAD BLOCKER!

Tested at MIRA on Friday 20th March 2009 the Roadblocker was impacted with a 30 tonne truck travelling at 50mph and not only withstood the impact with zero penetration but also operated afterwards. This is the third test that this particular Roadblocker has successfully undertaken and to the highest PAS 68 specification currently available.

This is the only Roadblocker of its kind that has passed both PAS 68 (30 tonnes/ 50MPH) and holds the Department of State K12 certification.

The unique design of the Roadblocker is the key to its success. Special crash bars and a sacrificial front radius are incorporated into the design so upon impact these help absorb the force and leave the main body of the blocker intact, maintaining site security. The Roadblocker therefore remains a formidable barrier against vehicular threat.

The Roadblocker requires NO reinforcement of concrete or pre casting of the pit ensuring minimal disruption to the site and surrounding area.

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