Wykamol design team have a record month in submitted plans for basement waterproofing

Wykamol design team have a record month in submitted plans for basement waterproofing

The Wykamol team, who in the background look at plans for projects across the UK and Ireland, have had a record quarter of applications to design underground waterproofing schemes.

More than 120 projects have arrived over the last month from contractors and architects and engineers asking for help in the design of the waterproofing.

Working to BS8102 and NHBC chapter 5.4, Wykamol’s design team, headed by Reg Mac Donald Cssw, BSc Eng. and National Waterproofing Manager of the group, carefully look at plans and speak to the relevant person who is responsible for the scheme to discuss the plans and any issues that may arise from the submitted drawings.

Once this has taken place a full design and bespoke drawings in PDF and DWG are drawn up to sit alongside the design for the waterproofing.

Wykamol are also able to offer a full PI insurance solution on the approved designs also to sit alongside the contractor’s insurance on the installation.

The growth of the groups sales in the Waterproofing sector has been amazing to watch and the help we give, and on-site guidance is clearly working due to the demand for the groups British manufactured products in this sector.

Wykamol have updated all of their technical waterproofing literature and have had drawn over 175 technical 3D drawings for the contractors and specifiers, these are available in a brochure format or in individual PDF designs.

The biggest growth area for Wykamol is individual homes that are using the space underground to increase the footage on the property. Again whatever the construction, from concrete to LCF, the team can help and design for all construction types.

One area that Wykamol have seen a large growth is the commercial sector and this includes large multi-level basements up to six storeys deep that require waterproofing specifications conducting. Wykamol can also supply a full design specification pack including drawings designs and relevant data sheets and approved BBA documents.

These can be very time consuming but again bespoke drawings are available alongside Wykamol’s technical team attending site, whilst any works are carried out to sign off the waterproofing works.

Overall, the Wykamol groups waterproofing is available to everybody from small builders to large commercial practices. Contact the Wykamol team if you need help on your next project.

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