5 reasons why you should consider installing rooflights

5 reasons why you should consider installing rooflights

Rooflights are becoming a common introduction to residential and commercial building plans across the country. There are many reasons why rooflights are becoming a regular feature in building and renovation projects, and we have listed the top five here in our blog.

1) More natural light
Rooflights are reported to bring in around 40 percent more light than dormers. But it is not just loft conversions that can benefit from rooflights, as side-return extensions, corridors and extensions to so called ‘middle rooms’ that so often suffer from a lack of natural light can all be brightened up by the addition of rooflights. Many older buildings were built without sufficient glazing in an effort to improve efficiency and cut costs, or were poorly designed so that offices were in parts of the building far away from external walls. Daylight is very important as it helps regulate the body clock, which brings us to…

2) Promotes Health & Wellbeing
You may have heard of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a clinically diagnosed condition in which the lack of sunlight in winter makes people feel ill. Natural light helps people to feel better but it can also aid the healing process. In hospitals, studies have proven that the recovery rate of patients is accelerated where levels of natural light are increased. There are various studies which show the benefits of a well-lit office or home with plenty of natural light. Speaking of well-lit work spaces…

3) Promotes improved productivity
Natural Daylight improves concentration so that working environments, offices or factories, with daylight tend to achieve better productivity. In education, research shows a positive correlation between classrooms with good natural light and improved student performance - and attendance. Research into retail environments suggests that in many situations sales tend to be better in naturally lit locations. What could be better than fit and well, high performing employees? Well…

4) Reduces Energy Cost
One of the key benefits of rooflights is that they help cut your lighting bill. In a busy warehouse or office, you are going to need a good high quality light throughout the day. It ihas been shown that rooflights can save energy in many applications through the reduction in the requirement for artificial light and lower heating cost due to natural solar gain. And if that wasn’t good enough…

5) They look really good
The sleek lines and low rise dome designs provide the ultimate in rooflight aesthetics. You can choose a style that suits your office and the identity of your business; timber or aluminium frames, different glazing options, dramatic domes or flat surfaces… Or choose between Roof Lanterns and lightpipes instead of windows! The options are near enough endless, and with so many benefits to them, isn’t it time you invested into rooflights?

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