Maximising your Barbour Product Search Profile

Maximising your Barbour Product Search Profile

Barbour Product Search is a valuable resource for professionals working across the built environment. This online platform serves as a hub for architects, contractors, and specifiers, offering a vast range of building and construction products, with supporting resources to enable informed decision-making.

For product manufacturers wanting to expand market presence in this fast paced and competitive market, having a strong online presence is crucial. Barbour Product Search supports increased product visibility, enhanced brand recognition, and can help get you specified more - and it couldn’t be easier.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to utilise your subscription and maximise your ROI with Barbour Product Search, with a dedicated Editorial Account Manager to help every step of the way.

Building your profile

Once you have been introduced to your dedicated Editorial Account Manager, they will first ask you for the basics:

• Company Logo
• Contact information
• Website URL
• Company description
• Social media links

After setting up your manufacturer profile on the Barbour Product Search platform, the next step is to add your all-important products.

Product Details: For each product you want to list, provide the product name, category, key features, specifications, and any relevant certifications. The more information you provide, the easier it is for our audience to understand the value of your product.

Images: You can include up to 8 images per product. Providing clear images of your products can give a better visual understanding.

Documentation: Have any additional materials, such as brochures, tech data sheets, CPD courses or installation guides? We can include these too.

Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for buyers and specifiers to understand why your product is a great fit for their project.

Optimise your content

In addition to showcasing your products, Barbour Product Search allows you to provide content to engage our audience:

Company and Product News: Share industry-related news, updates, and announcements.

Case Studies: Upload detailed case studies that showcase the successful application of your products in recent projects.

Your Editorial Account Manager will provide additional proofreading of all content, and if necessary, may make minor adjustments to conform to editorial guidelines and enhance SEO.

Keywords: Utilise relevant keywords in your product descriptions and titles. Think about the terms that specifiers/buyers might use when searching for products like yours. Incorporate these keywords into your content to enhance searchability.

Visual Content: You can include up to 8 images per news item. Visual content is often the first impression our audience will have of your products or applications!

Hyperlinks: To further enhance your presence and track the effectiveness of your content, consider using hyperlinks or UTM links to direct readers to your own website or any additional resources.

Always keep in mind that your Editorial Account Manager is here to support your needs and is happy to make best practice recommendations. At times when your schedule is tight, we're more than willing to use existing content from your website* to ensure no significant news goes unnoticed!

*We will need your written permission.

Maintaining an active presence

Creating a strong presence on Barbour Product Search is just the beginning. To maintain an active and engaging profile we would recommend:

Regular Updates: Keep your product listings accurate with the latest information.

Booking Newsletter Slots: We offer a variety of Sector and Technical newsletters distributed quarterly to audiences segmented from our master Barbour ABI construction intelligence database.

Moreover, our General newsletter, dispatched on a weekly basis, reaches an extensive audience of over 50,000 subscribers. If you're aiming to increase your website traffic and ensure your content reaches a diverse group of specifiers, architects, and contractors, newsletters are the ideal choice. Don’t forget - you can always add more newsletter slots to your package when needed.

Scheduling Content: Posting fresh content boosts your profile's visibility in search engine results and gives the opportunity for additional promotion on the Barbour Product Search homepage, plus on our Social Media channels. We recommend publishing a news item at least once every month, however, your Editorial Account Manager can set up a drip-feed schedule to ensure regular posting.

Keep an eye on your stats:

As well as a monthly statistics report sent straight to your inbox, we also provide additional tools to allow you to track and monitor the performance of your profile.

Our Enhanced Insights tool serves as the analytical core of your profile, tracking companies viewing your content and providing a detailed view of their interactions. Want to see who has been looking at your company profile? Click here to log in.

Do you already subscribe to Barbour ABI? Your Barbour ABI subscription will help you to identify the companies engaging with your profile. You can locate the projects they are working on to inform your targeting strategy and reach out to key contacts with our GDPR-compliant contact information.

Wanting to maximise your presence on Barbour Product Search or are you interested in setting up a profile of your own? Our dedicated support team is here to help - get in touch here.

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