6 ways to make the most of your flat roof

6 ways to make the most of your flat roof

A flat roof gets its name from being exactly that: flat instead of pitched. But it can be so much more than that! In this post we’ve gathered some ideas what you can do with your flat roof.

Planted roof systems
Sustainability is a hot topic right now, and flat roofs are ideal for planted roof systems. Green roof systems offer many advantages. Apart from introducing a creative dimension to the flat roof project, eco-roofs provides many financial and environmental benefits, including reduced heating and cooling costs, rainwater attenuation, reduced flood risk, improved visual appearance, reduced CO2 pollution, heat absorption, reduced noise pollution and provision of a natural habitat for displaced flora and fauna.
See planted roof system products HERE.

Photovoltaic panels
Continuing on this theme, PV panels love flat roofs. PV's capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting. They do not need direct sunlight to be functional, they can still generate some electrical output on a cloudy day. These can be easily fitted of flat roofs.
Find out more about photovoltaic panels on flat roofs HERE.

Roof heating systems
Roof heating can solve a lot of problems traditionally associated with flat roofs. These systems are suitable for preventing significant build-ups of snow on flat roofs, or preventing localised snowdrifts against adjacent buildings. A specialist thermostat monitors the air temperature and can control two separate zones independently. A moisture sensor can also be fitted to monitor when to activate the system and reduce energy costs.
More details about these systems HERE.

Roof terraces
Roofs don’t need to just provide shelter from the elements – they can also become a part of our living spaces! Benefits to having a roof terrace, besides the obvious of pure enjoyment of some outdoor living and a breath-taking city skyline include increased property value, generally around 10-20%, and the increased life of your roof (by up to 70%) from added protection of the terrace tiles.
Some inspiration on roof terrace tiles HERE.

Who doesn’t want more daylight in their house? One of the main reasons people opt to install rooflights in a building is to increase natural daylight. This reduces reliance on electricity during the day and can also boost the wellbeing of occupants, making them feel more energetic, productive and even elevating their moods.
See some bespoke rooflights HERE.

Ventilation rooflights
Natural daylight isn’t the only way a rooflight can improve a property. In fact, rooflights that open can provide a number of other benefits, making them an ideal choice for both refurbishment and new-build projects. These systems can provide a high level of natural ventilation. That’s because warm air naturally rises, so heat, smoke and stale air tend to escape from the building through the open rooflight.
Ventilation rooflight inspiration THIS way!

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