7 spectacular Solar PV projects

7 spectacular Solar PV projects

Solar power is arguably one the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available to us. So it's no surprise that all around the world, architects and designers are incorporating solar technology into new buildings and projects to make them as green as possible. We've listed 7 spectacular projects for you here on our blog.

1. The 2 MW "Heart of New Caledonia"
The "Heart of New Caledonia" is being built on Grand Terre, New Caledonia’s largest island. When complete, its 7,888 panels are expected to produce power for 750 homes, saving around 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its projected 25-year lifespan.

2. PS20 Solar Tower Plant: Spain
The PS20 solar power plant (PS20) solar power plant is a solar thermal energy plant in Sanlucar la Mayor near Seville in Andalusia, Spain. With a truly unique, almost church-like design, this tower can provide electricity for up to 6,000 homes.

3. The Walton-on-Thames solar farm
Built on London’s Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir, this solar farm is one of the world’s largest floating solar farm. With 23,000 solar panels and a peak power output of 6.3 MW, its makers claim it’s able to power 1,800 homes.

4. Aeroe historical museum island in Denmark
Aeroe has the world's largest solar power plants, with an area of 18,365 m². It covers a third of Marstal's power consumption. Aeroe is endeavouring to make the island self-sufficient in energy and by 2008, Aeroe Islands self sufficiency had reached over 80% in terms of electricity and heating.

5. The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, Nevada
The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is a 110 megawatt net solar thermal power project with 1.1 gigawatt-hours of energy storage, located near Tonopah, about 190 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The project includes 10,347 heliostats that collect and focus the sun's thermal energy to heat molten salt flowing through an approximately 640-foot (200 m) tall solar power tower.

6. The Disney Solar Farm in Florida
This 22-acre solar farm in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head has 48,000 panels and will produce 5 mega watts of electricity, which is capable of powering 1,000 homes. Disney claims the farm is big enough to be seen from space!

7. Solar power in The Vatican

Vatican City has the largest solar power plant in Europe. Although it is the smallest country in the world, the Vatican has spent $660 million to build a massive 100MW photovoltaic installation. The output will be more than enough to provide enough power for the whole country. The main installation is located on a 740 acre site near Santa Maria di Galeria and has seen solar powers placed all over the city.

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