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Air cooled chillers provide comfort solutions for numerous applications, from small retailers to large commercial and district cooling schemes.

Many specialist industrial operations depend on air cooled chillers for precise control of process cooling and climate management.

When combined with fan coil units, a chiller can control the climate of your working environment.

Daikin Applied UK Ltd has a comprehensive range of air cooled chillers, offering advanced technologies to optimise performance.

Daikin Applied air cooled chillers include energy-efficient innovations such as inverter controls, free cooling, heat recovery and high efficiency compressors.

Air cooled chillers are available in cooling only or heat pump versions they offer a cost effective solution for comfort applications.

Air cooled chiller range:

EWAD-C: Screw chiller, from 620kW to 2010kW.

EWAD-CF: Screw chiller, from 640kW to 1555kW.

EWAD-CZ: Inverter screw, from 635kW to 1800kW.

EWAD-D: Screw chiller, from 180kW to 620kW.

EWAD-E: Air cooled screw chiller, from 98kW to 411kW.

EWAD-TZ: Inverter screw chiller, from 172kW to 710kW.

EWAQ-E: Air cooled multi-scroll chiller, high efficiency, reduced sound.

EWAQ-F: Air cooled multi-scroll chiller, high efficacy, reduced sound.

EWAQ-G: Air cooled multi-scroll chiller, high efficiency, reduced sound.

EWAQ-GZ: Inverter scroll chiller, from 200kW to 395kW.

EWAD TZ-B: Inverter chiller with top class efficiency and a 170kW up to 1.8MW cooling capacity. Extra quiet option available.

EWYD-4Z: high efficiency 4-pipe multi-functional chiller, heating and cooling from 400kW up to 1415kW.

Daikin Applied's chiller ranges are also availble with their Intelligent Chiller Manager which can optimise the performance and reliability of chiller plant rooms with its optimal start-up, sequencing & staging and by matching chiller capacity to load demand.


Daikin Applied UK are best equipped to meet all your Daikin spares requirements.

Continue to sustain the efficiency of your Daikin Applied UK equipment with their genuine renewal parts.

They know and understand your system requirements, and can provide the right part for the right job.

Speak to their experienced spares team on 01670 566243 or email [email protected], to help you identify the correct part and advise the best price and current availability.

They also have access to a dedicated spares bank which enables us to provide you with reasonable lead times.


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Daikin Applied UK Ltd

Daikin Applied UK Ltd

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd manufactures and supplies applied products for the HVAC community, including a comprehensive range of chillers, AHU systems and fan coils.

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd has a large manufacturing facility located in...
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 Bassington Lane Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 8AF

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