Artificial grass or the real thing?

Artificial grass or the real thing?

Being in the middle of the summer, in theory it is a nice time of year (weather permitting) to be spending some time in your garden, enjoying a BBQ or just relaxing watching the world go by. One of the things we associate with summer is grass. Whether it’s the smell of a freshly cut lawn, the fresh dew in the mornings or playing a summer sport. The most famous tennis tournament in the World, Wimbledon, currently being played, is also known for its luscious lawns. But if you have a space in your garden, you have options. Do you go with Artificial or Real Grass?

Let’s start with the more traditional option of using real grass. It is widely accepted that real grass is better for the environment. An area of real grass measuring 2,500 square feet produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. Compare this with artificial grass, which experts have deemed as a hindrance for local wildlife, and the environmentalist in you may think it’s an easy choice.

However, the one thing a lot of people like to have these days is convenience and less hassle, and this is where artificial grass may be a better option. There is hardly any maintenance needed on your artificial grass space. Depending on what your grass is primarily being used for, there is minimal wear and tear and you will not have to spend a lot, if any money on the upkeep of the lawn. This type of grass can deal with high levels of foot traffic, ideal for those BBQ’s you have planned, without showing signs of wear and tear. Conversely, real grass struggles with a high level of footfall. If you are a Wimbledon fan for example, you will notice how worn out the grass looks at the end of the two weeks compared to the beginning. Your garden may need a lot of care and attention after that summer party you have planned. You will also need to regularly mow the lawn and do jobs such as weeding, which on a hot summer’s day might not be the most appealing thing to be doing.

As with most things, cost is a factor when you are considering additions or alternatives for the home. Laying your own grass is likely to be cheaper, as it doesn’t’ require as much maintenance, and as long as you keep on top of it, a regularly mown lawn can keep costs down. Artificial grass is more expensive to install. Prices for artificial grass range from £10 to £30 per square metre, compared to £6 per square metre for real turf. Quite a substantial difference.

Aesthetically, there is little to choose between the two. Some people feel that the sight of a natural mowed playing field or lawn feels better and increases that good summer feeling you get. Artificial grass can look far more unnatural, for example on uneven paving slabs, you will need to add an underlay or sand base beneath your turf to level it off.

Before you decide there are many questions you need to ask yourself. How much money are you willing to spend? Do I spend a lot of time in my garden? Am I willing to spend some time maintaining it or would I prefer to just let it be? Both options can satisfy your needs. So is it advantage artificial or game set and match for natural grass?

What do you think? Is it better to have a natural look for your garden lawn or is artificial the way forward?Let us know on LinkedIn.

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