Why construction clients should invest in Health and Wellbeing

Why construction clients should invest in Health and Wellbeing

A high-functioning, profitable building is no longer just about bricks and mortar. It’s not even just about the aesthetics of the design. Health and wellbeing plays an increasingly important role in the planning, design, the construction process and the finished product, and any construction client holding the purse strings would do well to not ignore this growing trend.

For architects and designers, the idea that buildings influence the health, wellbeing and productivity of their occupants is not new. But this type of thinking is still not influencing most design, financing and leasing decisions as much as it should.

The Health and Wellbeing concept is making big noise in the industry, so buyers will keep a look out for buildings that adhere to the guidelines set out companies like WELL. And in the construction industry, it's always better to be a forerunner than a backbencher.

Why construction clients should invest in Health and wellbeing

Let’s have a look at the office sector. The physical work environment has an impact on the health and productivity of the office worker. Of course, the terms health, wellbeing and productivity encompass a whole range of related and complex issues. Health encapsulates physical and mental health, wellbeing hints at broader feelings or perceptions of satisfaction and happiness, and productivity refers more explicitly to business-oriented outputs.

Clean air, for example, is a critical component to our health. Good indoor air quality, and also thermal comfort, high quality views, daylight, good acoustics and indeed location and amenities all play a crucial role in creating a healthy, productive workplace. And a productive workplace equals an easy sell of a profitable building.

Why construction clients should invest in Health and wellbeing

One way of promoting wellbeing is to have workspaces that employees can engage with and feel comfortable in. Conversely, a poorly designed workspace can quash any green shoots of creativity, good performance, engagement and innovation.

The relationship between people and the building in which they are working is vital. The way that buildings are designed, constructed and maintained impacts the way we work, sleep, what we eat, and how we feel. The right building can advance health, happiness, mindfulness and productivity.

Why construction clients should invest in Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is the new frontier in construction, growing fast as we realise the many benefits it has. This is an opportunity for organisations to think differently and use their physical premises for competitive gain, whether that’s a construction client or an investor trying to command a higher price for a new, high-performing building or an occupier looking to take on a space needed to drive business success.

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