Barbour Product Search's top 10 blog posts of 2014

Barbour Product Search's top 10 blog posts of 2014

From BIM to sustainability, and upcycling interior design to cavity trays - here is a summary of the top 10 Barbour Product Search blog posts from 2014.

10. The benefits of specifying composite windows


What makes composite windows the go to product for specifiers and manufacturers?
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9. Upcycling interior design inspiration


Forget everything you know about second hand styling, the latest interior design trend sweeping the post recession nation is upcycling.
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8. What is a cavity tray?

Cavity Trays

And what to look out for when specifying cavity trays
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7. Permanent Modular Construction – the method of the future?


Permanent modular construction is becoming increasingly popular for owners, architects and engineers.
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6. BREEAM Brilliance


With sustainability at the forefront of most construction projects taking place, we looked at how this is measured in new buildings.
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5. BIM for Sustainability: Hadlow College


We spoke to James Anwyl, Director of Eurobuild, to find out more about the Hadlow College project and how BIM was used.
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4. 6 reasons to get BIM ready today


Implementing BIM will see projects evolve from the traditional linear “design-bid-build” delivery.
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3. Advantages & disadvantages of Greenfield & Brownfield sites

Greenfield vs Brownfield

One of the issues currently facing the UK construction industry is the use of Brownfield and Greenfield sites.
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2. BIM implementation in the private sector

BIM in the private sector

Is the private sector falling behind publicly funded projects when it comes to BIM implementation?
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And the most popular blog post of 2014 is... Tiny houses - maximising efficiency

Tiny Houses

A recent Channel 4 series “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces” has brought the extraordinary world of tiny buildings into the mainstream.
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