Ben Law's Woodland Year: A documentary on 'the man who built his house in the woods'

Ben Law's Woodland Year: A documentary on 'the man who built his house in the woods'

You may have heard about Ben Law from Channel 4’s Grand Designs back in 2002. An eco-architect, whose woodland skills and passion for sustainability have been embedded into his daily life for over 20 years, Ben has constructed his own zero-carbon woodland home.

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs, describes Ben as 'an extraordinary man – not exactly a warrior for his cause, more the quiet victor.'

The documentary Ben Law's Woodland Year follows the lives of Ben and his apprentices across a year and changing seasons in Prickly Nut Wood to gain a deeper understanding of the natural history of this Sussex woodland area.

A wide range of charities and publications, including The Woodland Trust and Permaculture Magazine, have supported the project. However, the project still requires lots of people to fund to be able to continue.

Get involved - visit Ben Law's Woodland Year Kickstarter campaign page

As Ben passes on his expertise, explaining the different ways to make a living as a modern woodsman, as well as showing how these skills are linked to nature’s cycle and to his ecological values, both apprentices and viewers can clearly appreciate Ben’s commitment to sustainable living.

Litmus Films was granted exclusive access to produce the year-long documentary, which began filming in September 2012. As you can see from the video below, some great footage has already been captured:

Kickstarter crowd funding campaign launched

With Litmus Films’ director Robert Stern currently funding the project himself, the company launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to raise £50,000 by the end of March 2013.

£50,000 will pay for filming and turning the footage into an hour-long documentary, plus plenty of DVD extras. The sum also covers the costs of post-production, including editing and marketing.

If you’re not familiar with crowd funding campaigns, pledges are offered in return for rewards. The more money you pledge, the better the reward. However, if the target isn’t reached, no pledges are charged, you won’t receive the reward and the project won’t go ahead.

Get involved - and pledge to receive a Day In The Woods!

A range of rewards are offered for pledging to Ben Law's Woodland Year documentary, including having your name credited on the DVD (£10 or more).

As a special reward for people with an interest in eco-architecture, whether you’re a professional architect or planning your own self-build, Ben has kindly agreed to host a Day In The Woods for pledging £1,000.

The day will focus on roundwood timber building and is designed to address the Sustainable Architecture module of RIBA's Continuous Professional Development Core Curriculum.

Further Information

For a full list of pledges and rewards, and more details about Ben Law's Woodland Year inspirational documentary, please visit Ben Law's Woodland Year Kickstarter campaign page.

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