Energy Related Products Directive: What you need to know

Energy Related Products Directive: What you need to know

With the Energy related Products Directive (ErP), due to come into force in September 2015, I have looked into what this will mean for the industry, and what specifically ErP is hoping to achieve.

Firstly, the ErP directive is designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. The introduction of ErP will have a direct impact on all energy-related products sold within the EU. This means that any product that consumes energy, with the exception of methods of transport, will have to meet a certain set of minimum requirements. It will especially affect all space and water heaters, ensuring they meet minimum efficiency requirements, and require the same type of energy efficiency labels as fridges and freezers.

The date for your diaries is 26th September 2015, as this will be the date the directive comes into effect. However, you will still be able to install products purchased prior to 26th September but after this date, boiler manufacturers and installers will have to ensure that the products they use and the systems they commission, meet the minimum requirements within this new Energy related Products directive. Space and water heating products will be required to have an energy label, already familiar on other white goods such as A+++ rated dishwashers/washing machines, and manufacturers will only be able to sell compliant products after 26th September 2015.

A very important thing to note is the ErP product groups. These have been split into a series of lots with 'lot 1' covering heat producing appliances such as boilers and heat pumps with an output up to 400kW and 'lot 2' covering water heaters and hot water storage tanks up to 400kW output or 2000 litres. These products will be subject to minimum efficiency and emissions criteria. Manufacturers whose products don't meet the requirements will be unable to sell those products in the EU. Lots 1 and 2 come into effect from 26th September 2015.

It is vitally important that once ErP is in full swing that installers and manufacturers alike know exactly the requirements and criteria they must adhere to. Boiler manufacturers will be responsible for ensuring their products have compliant energy labelling, whilst installers will be responsible for providing the energy labelling for a complete heating system. The day ErP comes into play is fast approaching, make sure you are ready.

Please see the Baxi Commercial website for more information on the Energy Related Products Directive.

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