Factors to consider when selecting plastic pallets

Factors to consider when selecting plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are an important part of any storage and freight business and there are a number of vital factors to consider when choosing the right pallets.

Weight Issues

One of the most important is to think about the weight that each pallet can support. With standard-size Euro pallets, which measure 1200 mm x 800 mm (depths vary), the load ranges from 1000 kg to 4500 kg. The UK standard size is 1200 mm x 1000 mm. There is a wider range of load capacity but again it goes from 1000 kg to 4500 kg. It's probably worth having a variety of different weights so you can always have something suitable for different loads. All our pallets are made from good-quality materials, with the lighter ones which weigh only 5.5 kg particularly suitable for air freight. Heavier pallets are better for pallet racking.

New or Second-Hand Pallets?

Businesses need to think about how they use their pallets. If they are being shipped and won't be returned then there is a strong case for buying good-quality second-hand products that will still do the job, but at less of a cost than a new pallet. That can make a business much more competitive when it comes to pricing a job. If, however, you will be using your pallets over and over again and are looking for a long life span and good return, it will be far better to buy new pallets and get the maximum use out of them. And you could also, of course, sell them later, as long as they remain in good condition.

Other Factors

You need to think too about what kind of equipment you are using with your pallets and which ones will fit best in your storage space too. There are non-standard pallets that are great for smaller spaces, with the Dusseldorf measuring 800 mm x 600 mm and the Quarter Pallet coming in at 600 mm x 400 mm. Think about the surfaces of the pallets and what they will be coming into contact with. Some pallets have a smooth finish while others have gaps. The smooth surface may be more suitable, for example, for items wrapped in plastic packaging as they will be less likely to get ripped. If the pallets are to be kept outside then the ones with gaps will allow water to drain away rather than gather.

A plastic pallet has several benefits over a wooden one. They are much easier to clean and resistant to odours. They are also more durable and will last for far longer. Another important benefit of plastic pallets is that they are ISPM 15 exempt. This is a regulation that requires wood packaging material to be heat-treated to prevent the spread of insects and diseases that could adversely affect ecosystems or plants. There is no such treatment required for plastics. We are responsive to your business needs and if you require your pallets quickly then urgent orders can usually be turned around for next-day delivery, with standard delivery coming in at just two days.

This guest post was provided by Monika Grzankowska on behalf of Plastic Pallets UK.

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