Five offsite projects from different sectors

Five offsite projects from different sectors

Offsite construction involves the process of planning, designing, fabricating, transporting and assembling building elements for rapid site assembly to a greater degree of finish than in traditional piecemeal on-site construction. It can, and has been used for numerous different types of projects.

In this blog we’ve listed five projects that have used the offsite construction model – all from different sectors and in different scales – by using data from our sister company Barbour ABI.

EDUCATION: St Georges R C Primary School, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Single storey modular classroom unit following removal of existing demountable classroom.
Floor Area: 919 sq.m
Site Area: 7000 sq.m
Structure: 1 Structure
Storeys: 1 Storey

HEALTHCARE: Modular Operating Theatres, Belfast City Hospital
Demolition of existing ambulance covered way and realignment of roads followed by ground works and construction works to site new modular theatres, which are connected to the existing building.

OFFICES: Total Waste Management Alliance, Peterhead
A new modular office building and extension of existing yard.
Floor Area: 422 sq.m
Site Area: 1.66 Ha
Structure: 1 Structure
Storeys: 2 Storeys

INDUSTRIAL: Chelsea Harbour Drive, West Brompton
Development to provide modular industrial buildings with landscaping works.
Floor Area: 110 sq.m
Site Area: 5050 sq.m
Structure: 1 Structure
Storeys: 1 Storey

RESIDENTIAL: 18 houses, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay
This development is a energy efficient modular housing development, to provide 18 houses with associated works.
Site Area: 3830 sq.m
One Bed Houses: 4
Two Bed Houses: 10
Three Bed Houses: 4

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